Startup Monday – Evening Edition: New Startup Bevvy Is Buying Me Drinks…Lots Of Them

A new Los Angeles-deals site called Bevvy has come-up with a great idea…and something tells me they’ll be buying us a lot of drinks in the coming months. No they’re not trying to bribe me to blog about them (although I will accept bribes in the form of wines rated 91 points and above from Wine Spectator), they are actually offering to pay 50% of my bar tab at selected bars and clubs in Los Angeles. Okay, it’s not just me, it’s everyone that uses Bevvy, but it’s still pretty darn cool and another step in the Groupon-clone craze that has overtaken the online startup space.

bevvyThe idea is simple and it sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun to be a part of. Bevvy informs you of which bars/clubs are participating and then takes a $10 reservation fee for a $100 tab and offering to pay half your tab, can someone say, “one more gin and tonic please!”

They even extend this to clubs offering table service with a $50 reservation for $500 bottle service. While we don’t go to clubs as often as we used to (hit 30 and now I’m old) we still do enjoy them once every few months and if you’re going to a club bottle service is pretty much a must in my book. Cutting a bottle-service bill in half is a pretty bold gesture and one that I’m sure will take-off like a rocket-ship in LA.

Bevvy has received $100,000 in seed funding and will be expanding to other cities (I’d imagine NYC has to be next on their list) along with an iPhone app. One of my favorite things about Bevvy is the “secret code” methodology they’ve developed. Rather than showing-up at the bar with a sheet of paper or an email on your phone you simply tell the bartender a secret code. I’m sure these will be pretty unique and it should be fun to go up to a bartender and say “doodledo” and end-up with half my bar-tab covered.

One thing is certain, in the Startup world, at the moment, it seems like running a deal site is a great place to be. Of course five years from now all these deals sites can’t exist, can they?

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  • oldenglishd July 25, 2011, 10:11 pm

    i’ve read this 3 times, even visited bevvy’s website…maybe i’m completely missing the boat here, but how does Bevvy make money on this? Are the clubs paying Bevvy for promotion and to be included? Is it the bars paying the tabs and just Bevvy promoting it and making $10 a pop?

    i’m sorry if i just dont see it, but someone please explain.

  • oldenglishd July 25, 2011, 10:23 pm

    let me also say that i am not really into the whole groupon thing, so i dont even know how that works.

    after going to groupon, and seeing how that works…i can only assume that its bevvy making $10 (or 50) per person on people signing up to have the bar cover half their tab…considering the mark-up at bars, they’ll still make their money, and the tab will probably go over $100 once the drinks start flowing.

    again, sorry if i missed the boat…think im back on it now.

  • RH August 1, 2011, 2:20 am

    How is Bevvy making money Morgan ?


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