Stop Everything and Vote


I have decided to pause our regularly scheduled programming here on to write what just might go down in history as my shortest blog post ever. In fact, this blog post really should just be one sentence long, so ignore everything you just read above, and read this below:

Vote Tomorrow!


Seriously. We are so lucky to have the privilege of voting. Even if you haven’t registered yet, remember that same-day voter registration is available in 15 states (see list here).

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  • Richard Morris aka Bulloney November 5, 2018, 11:35 pm

    Morgan…my poles open at 6:00am here in Virginia Beach and I’ll be one of the first in line to vote. Then I’m off to have my blood drawn at a local lab for my annual physical followed by a strategy breakfast meeting with a local company I do consulting work for. Then around 10;30 I’m driving about 4 hours north to the Washington DC area where I have a meeting scheduled with a IP and trademark lawyer who advertises on NamePros about a portfolio of about 150 nCredible™ domains I own. Then I’m trying my best to arrange for a short one on one meeting with a mutual friend at Verisign because I have some important information I want to share with her.
    Finally, with regards to my vote…I’ve been an outspoken moderate all my life, and as such I’ve voted both Democratic and Republican. In 2016 I voted for Hilary because of what Trump told John McCain about not being a war hero. A good friend of mine, Mike Christian was in the Hanoi Hilton (Vietnam Prison) with john McCain. McCain writes about Mike in his book about Mike who was one of the greatest American Patriots ever! I immediately became a “Never Trumper”, but what I’m going to tell you now will shock the hell out of you. I’m voting Republican across the slate in a few hours. Why, because I’m getting sick and tired of the left accusing me of being a racist merely because I’m white, I’m a male, and I’m 71 years old. When watching CNN the other night I felt that Don Lemon was speaking directly to me accusing me of being a racist, and I actually felt I could cry. This is all so sad. Trump reminds me of my first partner in business from almost 50 years ago, 1970. He was the biggest asshole I know/knew, but he was able to get the job done. He and I parted company, but we were both survivors. Him doing it his way and me doing it my way. Sometimes you just have to give the devil their due, and that’s how my vote is going down….a mind is wonderful thing to change…it’s truly nCredible™☺

  • Jose November 5, 2018, 11:37 pm

    What the vote of all of you serve to be more united, without thinking about the political idioms that are unreal at the end in any country of this world.

    Happy day for US citizens.


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