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One of my favorite things about having a blog is getting the chance to connect with so many interesting people all over the world. On the flip side, one of the most challenging things about having a blog is not being able to have conversations with many of you even though we might interact on a daily basis.

This means that getting feedback can be tough, and as a data guy I often let the numbers do the talking, i.e. which articles get the most reads. At the same time, I know that numbers only tell part of the story and people might read a story because it catches their attention but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want me to write more about that topic.

At the same time, as many of you know (or should know!) – this is a personal blog, not a news blog, or a topical blog designed to cover one specific industry so I do tend to write about what’s interesting to me. What has been interesting to me long before I started this blog is investing in digital assets.

Over the last fourteen years domain names has been my primary investment focus but over the last five years I’ve diversified into angel investing in startups, investing in crypto, and most recently, investing in NFTs. What I like about all of these investments is they don’t require me to be located in a physical space or deal with the headaches that physical assets have.

I don’t think my blog will change to focusing on something other than investing in the digital domain, but I do think it will continue to broaden as my own investment focus does. At the same time, while this is a personal blog, I’m not writing it for me, I’m writing it for you, my reader, so I want to make sure I’m writing about things you want to read about.

So on that note – I created a little survey, it should take only 1-2 minutes to complete to share feedback on what you like to read about, and what you’re sick of hearing about. I will also be holding a little Zoom feedback sess for blog readers that you can sign up for at the end if you’re interested. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!


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