Thank You Adam Dicker!

I have to say Adam Dicker has been rocking it this year providing solid educational resource all for free. It’s not often that an expert like this gives their time away their time in any industry. DNFCollege was awesome and now with video blog in full swing another great resource is out there for Domainers of all levels.


This morning I woke-up to find Adam talking about a WordPress Plugin to sell emails Honestly, I have been looking for an easy way to do this for quite a while and this plugin looks like it fits the bill.

Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for creating another awesome resource and giving me something I’ve been looking for and didn’t know existed until this morning. Now to send this article over to my WordPress guy so he can get it running on some of our sites!

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  • john harrison November 1, 2012, 12:45 pm

    Yeah! This is a great resource. If DomainSherpa was Facebook, TheArtOfTheName is twitter

  • Jason Thompson November 1, 2012, 1:18 pm

    I second that John!

  • Adam Dicker November 8, 2012, 3:45 pm

    Thanks for the mention and kind words, it is much appreaciated.
    I have lots more cool things to post so make sure you subscribe so you get notified every time I add a video.

    Glad you are enjoying the Video Blog.

    Adam Dicker

  • Larysa Mykhas November 20, 2012, 4:02 am


    I was very enthusiastic about this plugin as we already monetise many sites via Namely.PRO.

    I think whoever purchase it need to read the following.

    Shame, it appears that once the customer pays via wp-vainity-emails, you get an email and you have to configure the email forward MANUALLY. This is like just a subscription widget, there are many of them on already.

    It wouldn’t be a big deal. Setting email typically takes 10 minutes of your time. But if you have to do it 10 times a day – it becomes annoying. Trust me, I was there before. You want the things to work for you, not other way around. Then, if the customer wants to change the email forwards, you have to do it MANUALLY again and again.

    I would tip in the direction of Namely.PRO where everything is done automatically and instantly. Neither you have to be bothered, not the customer has to wait. Also the good thing about Namely.PRO is that it doesn’t charge money as we opted in for the revenue sharing option. We were able to negotiate bigger take from them as they run hundreds of our domain names and help us to resell both emails and sub-domain.

    Their solution is like running a real registry, our customers can set nameservers to their subdomains and run it anywhere they like while we are paid every year for renewals. Also Namely.PRO is much more richer in terms of handy features and flexible in terms of support.


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