The Difference Between Exact And Broad Match Search Volume (Video)

At the beginning of this month I did a post about the difference between exact and broad match search volume. The post was inspired by all the readers who submitted names to my domain contest who didn’t know the difference. It was actually sad to see in some ways as there were a good number of people who thought they had names with great search volume that actually had none.

After the contest I had a few panicked domain investors email me. Most of their stories went something like this, “I bought all these domains thinking they had incredible search volume. Nobody wants to buy them and I’m losing money, I read your post and found-out I was using broad rather than exact, what should I do?”

These are great examples of why no matter what you’re investing in, be it domains, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. it is absolutely critical to take the time to learn before jumping in. The silver lining is, better to find-out now than two years from now when you’ve wasted even more money. So I decided to take my previous post a step further and show a video illustrating exact vs. broad match search volume to make sure everyone is crystal clear on the difference.

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  • Kevin Davis May 15, 2012, 10:22 am

    Thanks Morgan I always use that and never noticed the broad, exact, phrase.Videos always make it easier,Cheers from Wrightsville Beach.

  • RaTHeaD May 15, 2012, 11:16 am

    i just looked up … i thought it would be a good name for a dating site to meet broads but it was taken. go figure.

  • Ze May 15, 2012, 3:00 pm

    I few years back I suggested you cleared this to your readers, after I learned it from you on a livecast you did on I was pausing the video as I was watching you work on the settings of the GAKT to find out how you got to an exact number on a a particular domain… I was getting different results and mine where always waay more than yours…
    I dropped 90% of my .com inventory after that and pretty much hit the reset button,, I’m sure there are MANY domainers out there that are still looking at the wrong data, and think they are sitting on domains with hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, when the EXACT results are a very small percentage of it. This can make the difference between gold and pigeon crap. Live and learn. Didn’t thank you then, so I thank you now. Thanks Morgan!


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