The Internet Investment Landscape Is Changing…Are You?

New gTLDs and Bitcoins are changing the Internet investment landscape, like it or not, it’s happening. As I’ve said before many times, I see a ton of growth in .COM prices on the horizon but I also see some very solid opportunities with both new gTLDs and Bitcoin. Like most investments there is an element of risk and if you’re someone who likes to play it safe, just stick with .COM.

Okay, so I’m not someone who likes to play it safe. Throughout my life I’ve always been comfortable taking financial risks. I literally lost tens of thousands of dollars when I started in the domain investing world. Fast forward to three years after that I was making more with domains than at my full time job. Taking risks sometimes means losing money in the short term and if you don’t have money to lose, don’t take risks.

There are some big risks that come with investing in new gTLDs. Nobody knows what is going to happen but I think we all know that some will take-off, most won’t, and it probably will be only the most premium names that move. That being said there are without a doubt opportunities to turn a few hundred dollars into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, and those are the opportunities I love.

Here’s the catch. You have to take a risk. If you have a big mortgage, rising bills, and very little in savings please don’t take this risk. If, on the other hand you have nice savings, good cashflow, and money left-over every single month it might be worth the risk. Don’t spend any money you aren’t prepared to lose, and if you are afraid to lose money like I said just stick to .COM and you’ll be safe.

The same is true for Bitcoin. Nobody can predict where the Bitcoin market is going, there’s a lot of risk involved, but some people are going to make a fortune. Once again, if you’re struggling to make ends meet please don’t put your life savings into Bitcoins. However if you have an extra $10,000 coming in every month that you normally throw into a money market account, maybe you can afford to take a risk and put 25% of that into Bitcoins.

Don’t forget. Back in the 90’s everyone thought that people buying domain names were wasting their money. Nobody got it, everyone thought domains would be worthless and a huge waste of money. Some people took big risks in the 90’s, we all know their names and we all know those risks changed their lives forever. Now it’s time to decide, are you willing to take a risk?


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  • Rich December 19, 2013, 2:04 pm

    Seeing the way the new G’s are going I’m buying into .net’s
    I never thought i will be buying a .NET , here I’m with 200 names already.
    Will see if this change is in my benefit.
    You can get a lot of 2 word names in .net at$8 not $40-$12,500,plus with .net every body know’s about it.

    Take for example: $69 every year $8 every year

    .net works, .bike ? we don’t know yet to big of a risk and so on…

    So yes i have changed,I’m buying .net’s

  • Leonard Britt December 19, 2013, 7:32 pm

    I would agree that if you are willing to go with non-.COM it seems to make more sense to go with an extension that at least has been around for more than a decade and which people have at least heard of than one the average person doesn’t even know exists. Note I have sold some .COM domains recently via Godaddy’s Premium Listings where the .Net and other TLDs were available but the buyer wanted the .COM. That view is not going to change overnight.

  • Rich December 19, 2013, 9:04 pm

    Because on the new extensions that are coming out i think in time .net and other ext’s will gain more traction.
    If .com is developed it makes sense to buy a .net for future investment.
    There are every day names that are taken in every generic ext. but avail in drops .net
    For example i just bought now 2 .net “” and “”
    All the other ext. are taken,because of that i could see my self selling in to this extension more then in to some .whatever that has not prove it self yet.

    All i’m saying is that .net could have more potential then ever before in the years to come.

  • Joe December 20, 2013, 10:57 am

    As always the risk you have to take it or not because if they do not know what’s behind the wall and if not overcome is bad because being in the hospital and if backwards once overcome can give you many joys and sorrows.

    I’ll take the risk with domain names. Com, the new gTLD is not afraid to record but as in any other post , the best and be registered or pre – registered , pre- booked.

    I’m a big fan of the pioneers of the year 90 one believe in them and what they are now , we have learned from them and never risk they take.

    The generation change from the 90s to today, it is different is more cautious and take more caution in the new gTLD , although many can say that no other post they say otherwise , best of all is to think that if not all truth .

    I’ll make an example a large music festival organizers make an entire risk pulling a window are canvas to save them, rent the place to the farmer and have the place called Woodstock 1969 organizers think first about 5,000 people and was a lot more of them in those years to take a risk that overflowed not being able to think what to see and do their best, but they were years and different times, the irrigation assumed become lost until Wagner became interested and bought them far outweigh the risk to pay the costs and take the three cash flow never even think .

    Highest risk is in this market and industry is not knowing whether who is your worst enemy, you have to hand in a dinner , which shakes your hand and suddenly called his cell phone and gets but also have your hand and squeeze it every time give bad news for the mobile risk is dangerous,


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