The New WEBfest App Has Some Pretty Slick Features

I decided to download the new WEBfest app to play around with it. To be perfectly honest I’ve never been very impressed with apps made for conferences, they often miss some essential features that would make them truly useful. The #1 feature I’ve been looking for in a conference app is a way to easily access the schedule and setup my own custom agenda.

The new app released by Domain Sponsor has this feature and a few more bells and whistles that I thought were worth noting.

WEBfest App

By selecting “My Event” you can then setup your agenda as well as quickly bookmark your favorite exhibitors and speakers. This is definitely a nice step forward and a truly useful feature. The app also incorporates a cool feature for finding other people and a handy map of the venue.

Domainers are flying into LA all day, can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow! I’ll be doing everything I can to get our weather back the way it should be but for now make sure to dress warm, it looks like a chilly week ahead! Of course chilly for us is 50 – 60 degrees so to some it will be a nice break from the cold!

WEBfest App

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