The world’s first domain flipping competition kicks off in three days, are you in?

Domain Flipping Competition

A couple of weeks ago I announced what I think might just be the world’s first domain flipping competition. I happened to announce it in conjunction with domain investing newsletter DomainSmoke…but without telling Dennis who runs the newsletter. I thought, what the heck – ask for permission later right?

Well as many of you know, Dennis is a super nice guy and he was more than happy to have his list be source for the domains in the competition. In addition to Dennis supporting the competition I sprung on him, we actually had people volunteer up prizes for the winner. My idea originally was that the prize would be all the glory that comes with winning the world’s first domain flipping competition, but now there’s more in it for you.

Truth be told, I haven’t been keeping up with what the prizes actually are but I’ll ping Dennis so he can add the prizes into the comment section below. As for the rules, they are as follows:

šŸš€  Domain Flipping Competition šŸš€ 

Start date: August 1st, 2020
Duration: 3 months
Investment cap: $500

The winner of the competition will be the person who is able to generate the largest profit from their investments. You need to have purchased domains listed in the Domain Smoke newsletter between August 1st and October 30th.

There is still time to enter the competition, but not much time left since August 1st is just around the corner. If you want to join, all you have to do is shoot me an email, ml(at) and I’ll add you to the list. At the stroke of midnight on July 31st entries will close and Saturday we’ll kick things off.

I’ve been going through a number of different potential strategies that I’m documenting as I review each. After the competition I’ll share what I planned on doing, what I actually did, and probably congratulate the winner who had a better strategy than me! So if you think you’re a domain flipping ninja, join me and many others as we compete in the world’s first domain flipping competition.

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  • Dennis - July 29, 2020, 10:37 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    First off, let’s thank Morgan Linton for being one heck of a guy for putting this whole thing together. Secretly nominating me here at Domain Smoke toĀ host this legendary competition is an absolute pleasure. It will surely be a blast for everyone to participate and see who the winners will be.

    So we’ve got the following prizes:

    Cash Prizes:
    1st Place Winner – $500 Cash Prize via Riz from EmpireNames.comĀ Ā 
    + $500 Platinum Industry Expert Listing on DomainSmoke.comĀ 

    2nd Place Winner –Ā  STEAK KNIVES! (Glengarry GlenĀ Ross reference) JK, we have a $50 cash prize courtesy of 55 Domains for the second place winner.

    Runner up prizes include aĀ Morgan Linton #Domainer Shirt, Sponsored Domain Smoke Newsletter Listings, and we have actualĀ domain names that will be delivered as prizes.
    The last day to enter is just 3 days away and there are seriously some great people that have entered. Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you competing and winning the prizes and better yet, THE GLORY OF WINNING!

    Lets Go!


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