Three Men’s Fashion Blogs I Read Daily

Now that my full time job is being the COO of Fashion Metric I am finding myself reading more Men’s Fashion Blogs than ever before. I’ve been a GQ subscriber for years and have followed the industry from a distance (and as a frequent shopper) but now that we’re in the industry I am glued to the trends and all the nice juicy data I can find.

There are a lot of truly exceptional blogs in the fashion world but three that I’m finding myself reading daily are:


Effortless Gent

This is #1 on my list and honestly this is the first blog I read every morning. Written by Barron Cuadro, this blog is all about personal style. I like the tone of the posts, they are very accessible and I find a good nugget in everything that I read. Barron is also the founder Fifth & Brannan a mensware label based in San Francisco which makes some pretty slick button down shirts themselves.



This is one of the top Men’s Fashion blogs in the UK and they have some great recommendations no matter how fashion forward you are. FashionBeans covers more than just clothes as they also look at things like grooming and hairstyle. I think that England in general is a pretty darn fashionable country so I like to see this perspective.


The GQ Eye

GQ has an awesome blog focused on style and as a big GQ fan for years I really enjoy this blog. Let’s face it, GQ gets the inside scoop on a lot of different things in the fashion world and this is your chance to get that same edge. The writers at GQ are awesome so it’s pretty rare to find a boring article.

Those are my top three right now, I read more than three blogs but I start my morning with these three. I also read a lot of blogs related to startups and venture capital and will be covering these in a future post…but if you need a quick fix I can’t say enough good things about one of my long-standing favorite blogs on the planet, AVC written by Fred Wilson, a venture capitalist in NYC.

Read any of these three blogs mentioned above and I can tell you that you’ll start to feel the fashion-buzz that I’m feeling, and who knows, you might even buy some new threads this weekend.

If you love Men’s Fashion and want to finally find clothes that fit make sure to check-out Fashion Metric.


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  • henry November 2, 2012, 7:15 pm

    Which blog did you read that wearing white sunglasses was cool? Just kidding, love ya man

  • Poor Uncle November 3, 2012, 11:03 am

    Be a fashion trend setter, not a follower. 🙂

    • Morgan November 3, 2012, 8:33 pm

      @PoorUncle – here here to that! Definitely feel free to share any trends your setting and I’m happy to post them 🙂

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