TIL – 71% of data breaches target small businesses, here’s nine ways to stay safe(r)

small-business-securityIt feels like every week some huge company gets hacked and me, you, and everyone’s personal information ends up in the hands of scammers and identity thefts. Until recently I thought that attackers focused on large companies because they have more data…turns out I was wrong.

According to Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National CyberSecurity Alliance, “Nearly half of all cyber attacks target small businesses.” Small-scale companies are easy targets for online hackers because of a handful of reasons. Unfortunately, most small business owners either aren’t aware of these issues or don’t invest in the right security software and training to minimize these problems. (Source – NameCheap)

Of course, not surprisingly, a lot of these breaches could be prevented if more small businesses followed a better security regime, and it all starts with privacy. NameCheap put together one of the most comprehensive guides I’ve ever seen on everything you’d need to know about privacy as a small business owner.


In the guide, NameCheap put together a solid list of nine ways that small businesses can protect their business online. Two that have always really stood out to me are:

Two-factor authentication – this is a big one since any password you’ve used anywhere else could have already fallen into the hands of scammers.

Given that anyone who takes possession of a password can waltz into an account and take whatever they need, all logins pertaining to your emails, banking, and website login need to be bolstered with two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA was devised as an answer to the shortcomings of the password. It boosts security by providing an extra layer of account protection, like a PIN or confirmation request sent to your phone in real time. 

Start using a VPN – I’ve been using VPNs for years, especially at places like airports where hackers are known to have a field day.

Every time you use WiFI networks, you are actively increasing the risk of outsiders gaining access to your business’s data. A shady cafe employee or someone sitting at another table could be spying on you, gathering information transmitted through the business’s open internet traffic. Using a VPN helps ensure no one is snooping on your connection. As a general rule of thumb, when you’re out of your home or office network, you really need a VPN.

This is only two out of nine security measures, so if you’re a small business looking to beef up security and avoid becoming another data breach story, NameCheap has you covered with this handy guide.

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  • steve brady February 13, 2019, 4:28 pm

    Dining at the steakhouse a waiter walks by and leaves the check for the booth across the aisle.

    I said, “Hey buddy I got your check”

    He said “Thanks”

  • Daniel February 13, 2019, 6:18 pm

    Hey Morgan, thanks for sharing! What VPN service would you recommend?

  • ZoomOptions February 13, 2019, 7:34 pm

    Namecheap vpn is new and it is good

  • Jose February 14, 2019, 11:11 am

    This happens in your country to go around the world.
    There are ways and ways to avoid it, if it is true but let’s be aware that the Internet is currently “The Good, Ugly and Bad” as the Clint Eastwood movie ”

    The good exists but the bad thing exists much more to make money millions not for $ 100. We all received spam in our email, it was known who was benefiting and even if they have benefited they have done something to stop this NO!

    Smartphones when they leave any factory in the world and any trademark and white label, have a tracking chip, how many accounts payable with the smartphone every day in your country and around the world are hacked millions of smartphones.

    How many Internet security companies antivirus, and very few malware, before were many but as the years go by and the technology advances much more with devices that seem thin models for its price should not go hungry, but save the line or range is the right thing, with this I want to make it clear that the vast majority of small businesses worldwide, suffer a calvary in market economies since the last economic crisis that still last for many of them in your country and in the world this.

    All have free Internet antivirus software and other payment and malvare software ….. abound there is one in particular that is very good and cheap.

    They struggle to survive every day and every month, who helps them nobody.

    Happy Day. Jose.

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