Today is a sad day as we say goodbye to Dietmar Stefitz

I just found out that Dietmar passed away and I’m feeling incredibly sad. For those who were lucky enough to meet Dietmar you know he was one of the most kind and generous people in the world. Dietmar was a leader in the European domain industry and the pioneer of what became NamesCon Europe.

Morgan Dietmar

I had the chance to spend time with Dietmar in Portugal last year, and while we had chatted online for years it was my first time meeting him in-person. Dietmar was always smiling, always excited, and always proud of our industry and the people in it.

I’m going to spend some time learning more about Dietmar’s life because I really want to know more about this incredible man, and I’ll put together a more detailed post to truly honor his journey in life once I do. Right now honestly I just feel so sad that while I want to write more, I can’t, but I felt like I wanted to say something today to honor Dietmar.

Sending my love to Dietmar’s wife and family, I can tell you he made an impact in so many lives, today the world lost one of the best 😢

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  • david chelly December 4, 2020, 4:43 pm

    You are right, Dietmar was one of the most kind and generous people in the world
    I appreciate seeing this photo and your nice words towards him. To be honest, I’m surprised by this. At Lisbon, I was shocked (and already the year before in Valencia) by the fact that Dietmar was struggling on his own, without much support or consideration from the people that are supposed to be references in our industry.
    I used to know relatively well Dietmar, don’t hesitate to go back to me if you wish more info. He was to me the most important figure in the European domaining community and a great person. We will miss him a lot.


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