Two Of My Domains On Bido Today – Bidding Starts In Under Two Hours!

I have two domains for sale on Bido today that I thought might be of interest to some of my readers since they are Domaining related. These are two Domains that I had planned on developing myself but now that I have locked-in my projects for 2010 I realized I just won’t have time to give these domains the attention they deserve to reach their full potential.

The first domain is one I bought while I was living in Boston and thinking of starting a Domaining group in the Boston area. If you live in Boston and are a Domainer this is a domain you might be pretty interested in –

The second domain up for auction is a project that has incredible potential but realistically I don’t have the time for it this year…and most likely won’t have the time next year – so I’m sending it out to the Domaining community! The domain is and I think this is a time where .net really makes a lot of sense since this is the perfect domain for a Domaining Blog Network!

The auction for starts at 1:51PM EST and starts at 1:58PM EST TODAY! These are both priced to sell as I’m starting at only $28 and at $40. So if either of these domains interests you I encouraged you to hop-onto Bido today and place your bids!

Bid on

Bid on

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