Want To Get Inside Ammar’s Head? Soon You’ll Be Able To


Serial entrepreneur and Domaining legend Ammar Kubba has announced he will be starting a new blog on Afterthought.com. If you don’t know Ammar, you really should, he’s one of the pioneers in this industry as well as one of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with. This is a major win for the Domaining community and beyond as Ammar will be sharing his thoughts on business and life with the world, and it’s all coming soon!

Right now you can enter your email address and get notified when the blog goes live. I can tell you this is one blog that I think will quickly become a daily read for many people, myself included. Congrats to Ammar for this new venture and a huge “Thank You” from myself and many others out there who can’t wait to read!

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