Want To Get Laid At SXSW? There’s An App For That

I actually didn’t believe it when I first read it, but it was being reported on TechCrunch not the Onion. Bang With Friends has launched a special version of their hookup app aimed specifically at SXSW. I didn’t know what Bang With Friends was until I saw this but, as the name sounds, it’s an app to help you bang your friends, Facebook friends in this case.


The app works by asking you which of your friends you would sleep with and then, if they use it as well, they do the same. If the two of you agree, emails are sent to both of you. Very strange but hey it’s 2013 and now I can confidently say there is an app for absolutely everything.

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  • Bako.com March 8, 2013, 9:25 pm

    What a creative app idea haha


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