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Hello and welcome to my weekend musings! It has been a great weekend and a much needed chance to slow down and enjoy some time home, or at least in LA for two consecutive days! Yesterday we had brunch with our third co-founder of Fashion Metric, James, in Hollywood. It is exciting to be doing this and going through it all together as a team, right now James is our fearless CTO and with a lot going on we all talked tech, strategy, and reviewed our plan for the month.

Daina and I are looking at moving, we think that our ideal working environment should be close to other startups and startup events, and since we both love the beach, close to the beach too! Lucky for us the LA Startup Scene has been taking place in the beachfront communities of Santa Monica and Venice.

The Los Angeles startup scene has been growing very quickly, in Q1 of this year more funding went to companies in LA than NYC, this is a first and a great sign for the now officially named “Silicon Beach.” This term has been accepted by the city of Santa Monica and really means the area between Santa Monica and Venice where new tech companies are popping up left and right along with some very innovative incubators and accelerators.


We visited with Science, Inc. earlier this year led by Peter Pham and and Mike Jones and since then many more incubators and accelerators have made LA their home. Right now we live in Westwood which is equidistant from Santa Monica and Hollywood, two places we frequent quite a bit. The problem is, we picked our current place because it was walking distance to UCLA, now we want to be walking distance to the beach and walking distance to all the cool startup events going on in the Santa Monica/Venice area.

(Map of the LA Tech Scene, Read More at LA.Curbed.com)

So we spent Saturday afternoon hanging out in Silicon Beach and checking out a few new potential digs then went to dinner and home for movie night. After spending so many weeks moving at 10,000 mph it is very nice to have a nice relaxing weekend at home. We watched The Lorax in 3D, a lot of fun, but we’re both geeks for kids movies, especially in 3D 🙂

Today we woke up and were both instantly in Fashion Metric mode, it’s one of those things that we’re both so excited about, it’s hard not to constantly think about it! So we spent the morning doing a number of different things, from working on the legal and business side of the company to bringing our typography and logo refresh live. Our goal was to make the brand look less edgy and techy and more clean, crisp and organized.

With the new typography and logo also came refreshes to our Twitter and Facebook pages. It is going to be an incredible experience building this company, we’re already tingling with excitement and are finding it hard to get our minds off of business, living our dream and loving every minute of it!

Of course we are both winding down our day jobs, or my day job at Sonos in my case and Daina’s PhD in her case. We both have a ton of respect for the people we work with and the amazing places we have both devoted an incredible amount of our time and energy. It’s important for us to make our transitions out of our positions as seamless and smooth as possible so the next few weeks are going to be intense as we juggle this all together. The best part of it all is we’re going through this together, and I couldn’t think of a better person to go through this crazy adventure with than Daina.

Okay, movie night #2 is starting now, hope you’ve all had a great weekend, as always feel free to share your own musings or comment on any of mine. Comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Dave August 27, 2012, 12:00 am


    • Morgan August 27, 2012, 2:53 pm

      Word 🙂

  • MarsDavis August 28, 2012, 8:54 am

    Good Morning M & D,
    Looks good!

    You might try a purple star or purple lighting bolt in place of the purple circle…

    Just thinking out loud…


  • Jessica August 28, 2012, 10:30 pm

    I like the new logo, but it feels a little generic/dated. Also I’m not a huge fan of the purple dot.

    How about either of these fonts?



    • Morgan August 29, 2012, 6:48 pm

      Awesome, thanks for your feedback @Jessica, taking a look at the fonts you suggested now!


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