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Lighthouse Mall - Marina del Rey

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. We have had a great start to the weekend with a startup friends BBQ at our place. A good friend of ours, Ajay (went to CMU together) was in town from northern California and it was great visiting with him and meeting some of the awesome people he’s friends with here in LA.

Today we’re heading to a potluck for a friend who just finished their PhD and is heading to NYC. Then we’re getting ready for over two weeks away from home. First we’re heading to Big Bear for a week and then off to the Big Apple for a week and a half in NYC. Never a dull moment, below is a quick rundown of what’s going through my head this weekend:

  • Big NYC trip ahead – we have an incredibly busy meeting schedule in NYC coming-up the first week in August. Whenever we are in NYC our days are completely filled morning until night, we love it and this trip looks like it’s going to be the most jam-packed yet. We will be meeting with some amazing up-and-coming independent fashion designers as well as catching-up with some of our friends in the startup, VC, and PE space while we’re there. Can’t wait, but already busy getting ready for all of our meetings.
  • Project Vegas coming up in August – a week after we get back from NYC we are going to Vegas for one of the largest fashion events in the US called Project. Day and night we’ll be meeting with designers and it’s our first of many Project shows to come.
  • NYC Fashion Week – Fashion Metric will be holding an event during NYC fashion week as well as connecting up with incredibly independent designers too add to the platform. The planning has begun and it’s only going to be more intense as we head towards September, super excited!
  • Day-to-day Fashion Metric life – while preparing for all of our upcoming events we’re also busy adding new features to the platform, adding awesome new designers like Fly Apparel and Stone Rose, meeting with our advisors and establishing new partnerships. Yes, we are busy all day every day, and we absolutely love it.

Next week we’ll be working from Big Bear before we launch into two months of back-to-back trips. That’s the great thing about building a business in 2013, we can have lightning-fast Internet and full phone service from all over the world. There was a time when using the net meant searching around for an Internet cafe. Now you can enjoy an escape to the mountains and still be completely connected. It’s going to be a very busy week but it will be great to do it all from a beautiful place in Big Bear. Can’t wait!

Hope you’re all have ing a great weekend, as always feel free to share your own weekend musings or comment on any of mine.


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  • Joe July 21, 2013, 5:54 pm

    Well this new phase is the design creativity is the least the model that you have to do your thinking or Daina.

    When I started in 1996 see the entire design world is a fairy tale teach this great designer own prestige one Spanish and one Italian, the principles to be hard to say them to me, I respond if I have my ideas and many of you do not give of themselves and see that they respond booth at the 1996 Barcelona Fashion Fair and I respond if there are after the best books of all clothing designed by the great desiñadores / as of now than leave their designs on the catwalk and others that never see the public present in the room when women and men paraded models.

    I went to the booth and ask for book of shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses …… within each book the best of each designer globally by say two: Giorgio Armani, Versace and many more designers and designers there be present at the stand the great directors of the best brands around the world, to buy books at a price in 1996 of $ U.S. 50,000.

    Like any market and industry you believe you can break the mold and we must follow a few steps that you impose themselves right now if you and Daina prestigious designers have to make your own models to be very lucky is what I wish with all my heart If for some reason did not go as expected look for these books and you will have the best of the best, of course the copy is not possible, but a good professional worker to make clothing patterns knows very well how to make it for like.

    This is like Taiwan markets send a diving suit Scubapro just send us brand Yamamoto neoprene Japan and Taiwan do what we ask.

    Scubapro not sell both the model itself, the changes that you can make a pattern for a shirt, blouse or suit diving, be impossible as the original brand can say this is mine, is what you get if you do not purchase the target in a single year selling over 250,000 diving suits what was once one of Scubapro not be output to Spain, we give out thanks to an idea and a touch on the original pattern by registering the same with the company and marks the I have worked as Director of Marketing and Sales Strategy for Spain and South America.

    By the way I really like swimming and snorkeling but not more than 10 meters down do diving.

    Fare thee well during these two weeks in New York.


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