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Hello, Happy Sunday and welcome to my weekend musings! Its been a while since I’ve written a weekend musing but every single week without fail a few readers email me and say, “hey, why no weekend musings!” so I’ve decided to start them back up again. I’m also going to be writing a new article on Medium.com every Sunday so make sure you’re following me on there as well.

This weekend started at IKEA where we spent close to seven hours yesterday:


Why a whole day at IKEA? Well last week we signed a lease for a new office for Fashion Metric. Since June we have been working out of the Techstars Austin space, here’s the team in action in what we’ll soon call, our old office:

Fashion Metric Techstars Austin

Starting in October we began working with a real estate agent here in Austin to find a new home for Fashion Metric. We love being in downtown Austin so specifically looked for places downtown in the heart of the startup scene. Since we’re a seed stage startup we also wanted to find a good deal so most of the buildings we looked at were what is called Class C (the classes start at A).

It took a long time to find a building that was the right fit for us. As a startup you need to buy a space that is bigger than you need now so as you grow you don’t have to instantly move-into a new space. At the same time you need to balance that with costs while making sure you still provide an environment that everyone enjoys working in.

I’m excited to say that while it took five months to find a place, we found a great office and a wonderful new home for team Fashion Metric. I’ll be doing a longer post about the trials and tribulations of finding office space in downtown Austin later this week, but suffice it to say it was a lot more work than I had expected!

Both us and another Austin startup called LawnStarter, are moving into the same building and we just happened to bump-into them during our adventures at IKEA yesterday:

Fashion Metric LawnStarter

And yes, Steve (CEO of LawnStarter) is wearing Superman pants in the picture. So while just about everyone in the US gears up for a day of pizza, beer, and football, we’ll be at the office building furniture…and honestly it’s the most excited I’ve ever been for Super Bowl Sunday!

Since today is the Super Bowl I thought I’d end my musings with something related to the Super Bowl. It turns out that football fans may know the game well but when it comes to roman numerals, eh, not so well. Take a look at the search history below showing the search volume for Super Bowl and how to read roman numbers:


Thanks to everyone who emailed me asking to bring my weekend musings back, I love reflecting on my week and it feels good to get back to into the groove with these. I hope you’re all having a great weekend, as always feel free to comment on my weekend musings or share your own in the comment section below.

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  • Cate February 1, 2015, 12:52 pm

    Always enjoy your musings Morgan! Great to have your fellow Tech Stars alum in the same building! – have fun literally “building” your startup office:)

  • Joe February 2, 2015, 10:01 am

    Well! Weekend bougainvillea flower tree pruning.
    in the garden of my house, really exhausted once a year is not the same do every day Case garden.

    Prefer weekends to see concerts of music of my time, read old books that I have stored in a trunk for me are treasures as before Pirates of the Caribbean (Not like the movies) I be calmer and taste after my smeared bread with tomato (Typical of Catalonia in Spain otherwise.) and virgin olive oil dinner with my family. ham and loin sausage or sausage all iberico Guijuelo see here https://www.guijuelodirecto.es/jamones-y-embutidos-ibericos-de-bellota/en-portada-2013-09-10.php is in English.

    To my mother 89 years old a bagel with omelet and another night tuna with olive oil low in salt and hot so we can eat better at his age.

    This is best to have a bottle of red wine beside you, but I no longer able to drink these delicacies, but enjoy the food which for now aunpoder eat once a week not for the money if not for the old do you look inside the body have an age 61 years, this only do weekends at night for dinner.

    Well friends,

    Bon Appetite.


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