Weekend Musings

Well it’s 11:15PM on Saturday and I’m cutting it close to get this post in today! It’s been a great day of lounging around the house, watching movies, and getting some great fresh food from one of our favorite local spots. Since it’s already late and I’m going to actually try to watch Saturday Night Live for my first time in years, I’ll keep this short and sweet!

  • DomainTheft.org has been averaging a new theft a day for the last two weeks. In over 50% of these reports the domain name had expired and the owner mistook this for the domain being stolen. We’ve been doing a lot of explaining to people about how the renewal process works. This has been rewarding on its own outside of working with the real thefts because we can help people out at a time of great confusion. The real theft reports we are getting seem to be showing some very common trends with the biggest security issue being GMail email addresses being compromised. Suffice it to say that you shouldn’t use your GMail account as your admin contact for your domain.
  • It’s exciting to see that three of our brands have over 1,000 followers on their Facebook Fan Page with one of them nearing 2,000! Facebook is becoming an increasingly better source of traffic and just another great way to distribute our content to a targeted audience. The three fan pages are – Kayaking.org Fan Page, Civilized Travel Fan Page, Blog About Wine Fan Page.
  • We are deep in the world of wedding planning! Right now we’re picking the venue and after looking at a zillion different options we’re narrowing it down to our top choices. This will also be dictated by the location we pick and right now Malibu is looking like the winner!
  • John Chow lives in Irvine now which I’m pretty excited about! I’ve been waiting to go to one of his Dot Com Pho’s for a long time now and think this will finally be possible now that he’s in Southern California. If you haven’t check-out John’s blog you should, it’s one of my all-time favorite blogs out there, period!
  • DomainInvesting TV – remember all those videos I shot at DOMAINfest this year? Well I’ve been working hard with one of the best video editors in LA to put-together our first episode, and it’s almost done! This has been a big project I’ve been working on in stealth mode but since we’re only weeks away I thought I’d share it with all of you now. The idea here is to create a video that any of us can show an end-user that says, “what is Domaining?”
  • My Black Friday and Cyber Monday Newsletters had the highest Click-Thru rate and most positive responses I’ve ever seen. This has inspired me to really kick my newsletter into high gear! If you haven’t signed-up for it yet, you should, I’ll be sharing some very cool things in the coming weeks!
  • Who’s coming to DOMAINfest? I’ll be there and I want to make sure to meet every single on of my readers that attends the show. I was thinking of doing a little happy hour for readers-only either the day before or the day after the show. Would anyone be interested in this?

Okay, it’s 11:30 on the dot – time to catch Saturday Night Live, it used to be so good but then seemed to go downhill. I’m giving it a third chance tonight. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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