What Do You Look For In a Domain Name?

Like real estate investors, domain investors are looking to find their diamond in the rough. Many professional domain investors spend a great deal of time looking at expired domains to find a great domain at a low price. Every investor is different though and a characteristic that is paramount to one investor maybe far down the list for another.

I started my brokerage service over a year ago with a focus on end-users. In most cases end-users are looking for a domain name that is relevant to their business. End-users aren’t looking at metrics like Google searches or Alexa rankings – they want a domain name that is directly related to their business. If you run a software development company words like “code”, “coding”, and “software” will be more important to you than a low Alexa rank or high Page Rank. While these metrics are important to us as investors, when selling a domain to end-users the first thing they look at is the domain name itself.

It is the job of a domain broker to educate end-users about things like Page Rank, Alexa rank, and keyword popularity. It’s a bit like selling a house – the buyer will initially need to be initially attracted to the house and then it is up to you to show-off the features that really make the home special.

Now I broker domains with values of over $50,000 to end-users and domains below this value to domain investors through my brokerage newsletter. As a business-owner I am constantly looking at ways I can provide a better service to my customers and I want my brokerage email to be the very best that it can be. So I’m asking you – as domain investors – what do you look for in a domain name? Domain investors are not end-users – they are investors, and investors look for data that can help them make informed purchase decisions.

So please share your thoughts and let me know what metrics you want to see in my brokerage newsletter. I want to make my newsletter the best it can be so how better to do that than ask investors what they look for! Rather than just emailing out a list of domains with prices I want to include all the information you would usually spend your time looking for so that you can make an informed purchase decision with the information provided in my newsletter.

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  • Mojito November 1, 2009, 6:47 pm

    Anything generic!

  • Leonard Britt November 2, 2009, 12:40 am

    Some of Afternic’s recent webinars on pricing have mentioned that end users are more concerned with branding potential than the metrics that domainers often utilize. Domainers will often look at traffic, search volume, CPC while end users may be less concerned with these metrics. Three high $XXX sales I have had in recent weeks were for domains with insignificant traffic and only one had any meaningful search volume but still only 60K monthly per Google for the phrase match type. However, those domains are very brandable – two are .COMs and the other a one-word .Net. And those offers came to me with no direct marketing effort.

  • Stu Maloff November 2, 2009, 9:12 am

    I know a lot of people use the Google Keyword Tool which is a great resource , but more important to me is how many people are advertising on Google and Yahoo with the exact same keywords as the domain name. I also look to see what other extensions the domain name is registered in and if it is just parked or developed.
    If your goal is selling to an end user, nothing is more important than seeing how many people are advertising with those keywords, regardless of how many people are searching for them.


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