What domain marketplace has the best mobile UX?


Rewind ten years ago and most people accessed websites with a desktop browser. Today, over 50% of traffic most sites get (definitely true for my blog) comes from mobile. This means that creating a great user experience actually means creating two different experiences.

Take my blog for example. For years the mobile version of my blog looked just like the desktop version except scaled for mobile. What I found is that all the banner ads got in the way of the content on mobile, on desktop they were fine, but on mobile they took up way too much real estate. So I made the move to have the mobile version of my site be completely different and optimized specifically for mobile devices putting readability first.

I’ll be honest in saying that the domain industry has some sites that look great on mobile and others that really are embarrassingly bad. When your site doesn’t look good on mobile, over 50% of your visitors get a bad experience. When it comes to buying domains in the aftermarket getting mobile right is especially tough since many investor like to use detailed filters that are particularly challenging on mobile.

I personally think that when it comes to mobile Uniregistry and Go Daddy seem to have really put the most time and energy into creating a kick-ass mobile experience. That’s my two cents, but I’m just one person, I’m interested to hear what other people think.

So now I’ll ask you, what domain aftermarket has the best mobile UX? Comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Paolo Mauroner December 30, 2016, 7:11 am

    When I want to buy a domain I want to be at my desktop/laptop to also do my due diligence before, and I can’t do this in mobile mode..
    After my due diligence I can take a note and follow the auction on mobile yes..
    So more or less the top marketplaces are good enough

  • Eric Lyon December 30, 2016, 12:16 pm

    I would have to agree that Godaddy has a pretty slick user interface. Though, my opinion may be bias since I’ve been using them since 2005.

  • Joseph Peterson December 31, 2016, 2:36 pm

    Frankly, can’t imagine using my cell phone to access the web. If I were a 13-year-old girl poking at selfies, sure. But as an internet professional, how could I get anything done? Jab at letters with 1 finger instead of writing with 10? Pages shrunk so small I might as well be standing 10 feet away from a magazine? Can’t read that way. Can’t code that way. Can’t view spreadsheets. Can’t bounce between 50 windows comfortably. Can’t analyze. Can’t write an email longer than 10 words without a headache. Instead of choosing freely what I examine, I’d end up a captive of whatever small surface content I’m shown.

    I’d sooner leave the house without pants on than without my laptop.


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