What I Learned This Week

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to the second edition of my “what I learned this week” segment I’ll be doing each Saturday. This week most of my spare time has been spent working on the third edition of my book. For those of you who have written a book before you know how time-consuming this is!

Right now I’m sitting in a Coffee Bean in Pasadena while Daina is giving a talk at Cal Tech. It’s a raining day but that doesn’t matter to me since I’m spending most of my time inside typing-away!

I have to get back to writing so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

  1. Old town Pasadena coffee shops have no bathrooms. I learned this one the hard way today. Parked my car in a big public lot, got my laptop and dashed in pouring rain to a Coffee Bean. No bathroom, none at the Starbucks either. Normally I wouldn’t care but since I’ll spend 3-4 hours sitting here writing I need some kind of bathroom. I made my way closer to Cal Tech and found a modern Coffee Bean with a bathroom 🙂
  2. Lead generation opportunities are everywhere. Now that I’m getting much more into lead generation everything I see in my daily life is becoming a lead generation opportunity. I drove by about five different plastic surgery offices in Beverly Hills this past week…can’t help but think of geo-targted lead gen sites when I see this.
  3. Hiring Link-Builders makes a big difference. I hired two link-building experts to the team a couple of weeks ago. I am already starting to see great results from their work. Right now I’m building-up backlinks on some of my sites I’d like to outrank their competitors on Google – oftentimes backlinks is the key to this.
  4. Internet marketing forums rock. I’ve been reading a lot more Internet Marketing forums that Domaining forums this year. This week alone I learned probably 5-6 new ideas that I’ll be implementing in my own business. There is never a point in my life where I want to stop learning, there is still so much to learn. When it comes to domain monetization Domaining forums don’t have much to offer, IM forums are full of people building sites that are making BIG money. Yes – there are some scams and liars on there but that happens in any forum.
  5. You can’t write all your own software. I’ve been on a software development craze with my team putting together a new tool just about every week now. While this is making a big difference I have to make sure I’m not re-creating the wheel. This week I had planned on us tuning-up our directory script and then came to the conclusion that using PHP My Directory would be a much smarter move. Sure, I won’t be the owner of the code but people have spent years building this platform, why try to do the same thing again? For those wondering what this is for think Kayaking.org 🙂

Okay well I’m getting old so can’t learn more than five things a week. Just kidding! I have to get back to writing – the third edition of my book is almost done, it keeps getting longer, so much information to pack-into the book and even more for the video course coming shortly after.

Enjoy your Saturday and I’ll see you again tomorrow for Domaining SEO Sunday!

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  • Will November 20, 2010, 12:10 pm

    “I’ve been reading a lot more Internet Marketing forums that Domaining forums this year.” Excellent.

    I’d advise domain “developers” with small budgets and small portfolios to spend time perusing internet marketing forums/blogs. I spend time reading IM blogs and freelance writing blogs in addition to scanning the Domaining.com feed and reading a handful of domaining blogs. There is profit beyond parking, and, with effort, it is within reach for beginning domainers.

  • Leonard Britt November 20, 2010, 12:36 pm

    Thanks again for sharing your experience. You certainly are not timid about trying new ideas. Working in a corporate environment one often finds themselves in a routine doing the same reports or tasks every month, quarter, etc. In this industry I learn something new every several weeks so while I am no expert at development, SEO, or internet marketing, I have certainly come up the learning curve over the last year and a half. Note that this past week I tested a platform called RapidDomainBuilder.com as they have several lead generation templates – real estate, insurance, travel, loans, etc which one can plug into. There appears to be a delay in the reporting so I’ll have to wait till early next week to draw conclusions. Good point about domaining forums – they tend to be focused on acquisitions and sales rather than development and monetization.


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