What Matters Most in Real Estate? Location. Location. Location…and Toby is Brokering Location.com!

I think we’ve all heard that when it comes to real estate what matters the most is Location. Location. Location. This is also true with domain names and I often equate TLD to location. Owning a one-word .COM can be seen a bit like owning a nice house in Beverly Hills. How big and luxurious your house is depends on how hot that keyword is!

Well I was excited to see the latest newsletter from TobyClements.com indicating that Toby is now the exclusive broker for Location.com. It goes without saying that this is a huge domain name with tons of development potential.

tobyclementscomIf you know Toby then you know that he is the real deal and when he puts his time and energy into selling a domain name, it happens. In fact Toby just sold a domain for me in the $x,xxx range last week. It’s a name I’ve been trying to move for months and it took Toby about a day to move it! Of course my domain was nothing close to as high-caliber a name as Location.com and I can’t wait to see what this name goes for.

Whoever buys this name really is buying much more than a domain name, they are buying an opportunity and the foundation of an incredible business. Toby is the right man for the job and we’ll be seeing his name in the DNJournal sales lists more and more as he kicks it into high-gear with his newsletter. So whether you are looking for a great domain to build a business on, or a great broker for your domains, look no further than my friend Toby!

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  • Michael Castello May 11, 2011, 5:40 pm

    I remember trying to register that name a long time ago but it was already taken so I settled for Location.net

    Location.com is a great premium domain. Everything IS location.

  • don May 13, 2011, 12:16 pm

    Nice name, but I just think this is one of those verticals that is very, very tough to monetize or develop, thus finding the end user will be very difficult for this

    do a quick google search for location, it has little to zero paid advertising, a buyer who thinks out of the box may get a great find, but I dont think this will be selling anytime soon for the suggested pricing.


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