What’s one thing you’re doing differently with your domain portfolio?


It’s been fascinating to see how different people adapt to change. As a startup founder I’m used to things changing, that’s the name of the game. When we started Bold Metrics, most people weren’t comfortable answering questions about themselves online, “why would I share my weight with anyone!?!?” Fast forward to today and companies like Stitch Fix can ask online shoppers 30+ questions and they’ll answer them all without flinching.

The domain investing world has also changed a lot over the last ten years…but no change has happened as quickly as what we’re seeing now. One of the things I’m hearing across-the-board from investors is that sales volume is still good, but at lower price points. I was able to hop on Mike’s get together yesterday for about twenty mins and this topic came up again and people seemed to reinforce this point – names are still selling, but your price point has to be sub-$5k (and often much lower).

So at this point I think we can lock that in as a trend.

But there are so many other changes people are making and I want to talk about that more. For me, here’s three changes I’m making:

  1. Starting to do some light outbound – I don’t have much time on weekdays so I’m now trying to do about 30 mins of outbound on the weekends. Yes, tiny sliver of time, just testing the waters.
  2. Submitting more names to BrandBucket – I’m putting more names on BrandBucket at being a bit more lenient with my pricing. For example, if I would normally want a 10x ROI I’m fine listing at a 5x ROI.
  3. Starting to explore services like DNWE and NameLiquidate – selling to other domain investors has never been something I’ve done, but with both of these services up and running it feels like a good time to experiment with a small percentage of names.

Currently I’m taking about 75% of the money that comes in from domain sales and I’m putting it right back into acquiring more names. Now does seem like one of the best times to buy domains and since I don’t rely on domain names for my livelihood, using the money from investments to continue to strengthen my own portfolio has always been my focus.

All of my renewals have already been covered by sales I’ve made this year so I’m really going to try to see what I can get in the aftermarket while there’s less bidding activity.

Okay, so that’s me – now I want to hear from you. I shared three things but I’m only asking you to share one (but share three if you want!). What’s one thing you’re doing differently with your domain portfolio today?

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  • MrDomainer April 4, 2020, 11:00 am

    We are marking lower value names down 4k to 8k to 3k to 6k

    The higher value ones we are doubling if the domain is worth holding for 10 years we are 24k up to 97k. So all 13k to 17k are now 24k to 27k etc, not quite doubling but close.

    The low end sales are down 40%, the high end sales are up. Good domains will sell well regardless, and now it is more true the before. After six months, I don’t think premiums will be the demand they are now.

    Good Luck.

  • Emeka April 4, 2020, 3:06 pm

    Wont reduce the price of my good names,instead its going up.Dont buckle and leave too much money on the table.Change nameservers also from sedo to afternic or afternic to sedo,or use your landing page to offer a good price and raise price on outside market.I have seen names that sell for 5k worth even more than that.Research and see what technology a company is focused on and buy the right name and let them come knocking.
    You can outbound if you want but dont complain when you get a low ball offer.You are an outdoor sales man offering your products so your buyers will bargain.Just list and price right. It doesnt have to be 5k.20k is also a price you can appraise your good domains for .

    Best of luck everyone.👍

  • Jagan April 4, 2020, 8:33 pm

    Develop websites and do some outbound marketing and answer all inbound offers.


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