Why did this Crypto-related domain name sell for so much more than the last 100?

Last week I was pretty surprised to see that an auction I was following on Go Daddy Auctions, CryptoCustody(.)com sold for a whopping $23,250. I learned about the sale price thanks to this tweet from NameBio.

Before I go any further let me just say that I’m a fan of domain names with the word “crypto” in them. These are still the very early days of crypto and I think there’s a bright future ahead for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a number of other tokens.

I see a lot of very positive bullish signs when it comes to crypto, from Bitcoin breaking past $11,000 again to major VC firms like Electric Capital announcing new funds that are going to pour money into lots of new tokens.

So as a big believer in crypto, I’m never surprised when a crypto-related domain sells for big bucks…that being said, if you look at the last 100 domain sales on NameBio that start with the word “crypto” and end with another word, in .COM, the average sale price is under $1,000.

I ran the numbers and the average .COM that starts with “crypto” sells for $918. Names like CryptoManage(.)com sold for $430, CryptoListing(.)com went for $325, and CryptoGurus(.)come fetched $490. But I’ll admit, those are more mediocre names, better ones like CryptoForums(.)com sold for $2,500 and CryptoNow(.)com went for $3,049.

The head scratcher for me is why the word “Custody” when paired with “Crypto” made this such a hot name? Like I said, I’m a fan of crypto, I’m personally buying domains with the word “crypto” in it, I’m long crypto in multiple ways…but this crypto domain sale price makes no sense to me.

Do you get it?

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  • David August 3, 2020, 9:00 pm

    Here’s a good article that explains what crypto custody is and why it is so important.


  • John August 4, 2020, 3:14 am

    Morgan, I’m surprised, especially given where you are based (the Silicon Valley region, right?). Even I’ve known about cryptocurrency custody for a while already, and I’m not even nearly as into this sphere of life as you clearly are. It’s a huge deal, and that’s where the giants of the investment and finance world like Fidelity, et al, are. The customers of “custody” are also among the giants like hedge funds, etc.

    See the page for “What Are Cryptocurrency Custody Solutions?” at Investopedia:


  • John August 4, 2020, 8:30 am

    Check this out:

    DigitalAssetCustody.com is in pendingTrasfer status, but is already regged until 2022. Do we have a sale in progress as we speak?

    • John August 4, 2020, 8:37 am

      Wow, and it’s actually transferring *from* MarkMonitor, Inc. Has anyone ever heard of something going *from* MarkMonitor? The registrant is “Intercontinental Exchange.”


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