Why Epik’s Registrar Service Is A Game-Changing Solution

For years Epik has been known as one of the most respected domain development and monetization platforms on the planet. They have provided a clear path for investors to turn their domain names into real assets that grow and appreciate over time. Notice I don’t say Domain Investors, sure, there are plenty of Domain Investors using Epik but this platform really is for any investor that wants to take their portfolio to the next level. There are plenty of people who have invested in the stock market and in real estate that are looking for the next big investment wave. There is possibly nobody better suited to speak to this community than Rob Monster, a serial entrepreneur with an epic history of success.

epik_registrar_frontLast week Epik announced that they were adding Domain Registrar Services to their platform thanks to their acquisition of Intrust Domains’ Registry business. This means that Epik customers can now manage all of their acquisitions, as well as their current portfolio at Epik. Now maybe this news didn’t hit you like it did me so let me explain why this is possibly one of the biggest game-changers of 2011. This means that Epik completes what has been an utterly segmented and confusing process for Domainers since, well, forever.

Tell me if this situation rings a bell. You find a domain on your favorite drop-catching service, you acquire the name, it ends up at some registrar. You then change nameservers a million times going from parking provider to parking provider because that seemed like the easiest thing to do right off the bat. A few months go by, you’ve bought more domains and they’re segmented all over the place and across a few different parking services.

Then it hits you. I’m not making any money with my domains! So you reach-out to a developer who charges you $1,500 to build a fancy mini-site. You sit and wait but you’re still buying names distributing them everywhere and doing nothing to develop them as assets. Sound like you? It very well could be because I get emails from people in this exact situation a few times a week, and the emails usually end with the word, “Help!”

Honestly it takes a lot of time to manage your domain portfolio and with no clean connection between registrar, asset development, and portfolio management a small portfolio can quickly become a tangled mess. What Epik has done by adding in a Registrar Service is closed the gap. Now you can catch an expired name and have a full-scale site on it the same week, new content added daily, partnered with some of the best monetization options known to man, and evolving with a company led by a pioneer in the space. Now do you see why I say this is a real Game-Changer?

epik_registrar_interfaceThe interface is extremely slick and easy to use. Far more organized than the cluttered and overloaded interface I’ve been using for years at Go Daddy. Rather than building a brand-new registrar from scratch Epik made a really smart move, they bought an excellent registrar that had already built a great platform and loyal customer-base. This means that in using their registrar service you aren’t beta testing a new system, you’re using a rock-solid, time tested registrar that’s even still run by the same development team. That’s right, they didn’t fire all the developers and put their own team in place, the same guys that built the system are still working there and making it even better.

epik_registrar_managementOkay, but there is one more thing. When I first heard this news I thought…okay, that’s great but it doesn’t really apply to me since my domains are all at Go Daddy, Moniker, and Name.com. It turns-out that the Epik registrar will even show domains you have an Epik that are not using Epik as the registrar! That means that Epik can become your portfolio management system right-away without having to go through the process of moving all your domains.

So suffice it to say, I’m impressed. Please note this is not a sponsored post, I had a chance to play around with the registrar services and they really area a game-changer. I’m getting ready to test-out their new Product Portals as well and look forward to sharing my experiences with these as well. For those who know Rob you know that he’s not afraid to push the limits, to challenge the norm, and create a bold new future. This time he’s closed a major gap and created a solution that I fully intend to use as a major part of my business. Yes, I’ll still be custom-building brands, I love doing it and will continue to do this, but now I have a complete solution on my hands I can use to manage my whole portfolio and dramatically increase my productivity, efficiency, and most importantly the long-term value of my assets.

Like many of you, Domain Investing is what I’ve used to replace the stock market and real estate investing, it’s not only my retirement plan, it’s my life. Epik has created the solution I’ve been waiting for since 2007, a solution for every step in the domain life-cycle and a way to manage my portfolio all in one place. Epik is changing the game once again, the question is, are you in?

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  • Troy July 19, 2011, 6:52 pm

    Now you can get domains banned from Google without even changing the nameservers, yep, it’s a game changer!

  • Leonard Britt July 19, 2011, 7:10 pm

    I believe EPIK first launched their platform in late 2009 with heavier promotion in early 2010 or less than two years ago.

  • Ken July 19, 2011, 8:04 pm

    @Troy – It’s easy to say stuff without knowing what you’re talking about. It can be a bit harder to back up statements with facts or knowledge. Since the developed sites I have through them have real content, useful information, natural traffic, white-hat SEO techniques only, not only have I not been banned, but my sites are doing great on the search engines.

    Best of luck,

    • Morgan July 19, 2011, 8:20 pm

      @Troy – have you used Epik before? I know some very savvy business people like Braden Pollock and Ian Lopuch that have seen phenomenal results with Epik. Like I said in my post, I’ll be trying it out and sharing my experiences with all of you. I think the addition of domain registration services is a major game-changer.

      I have about 180 developed brands now (which has taken almost four years!) but about 1,000 domains in total…not easy to develop the other 880! I think Epik is going to fill-in a major gap here for me and I’m looking forward to it.

  • RK July 19, 2011, 8:35 pm

    Totally agree with Ken here. I have some sites at Epik as well and they are doing just fine, especially after the launch of the new version of Portals.

    As for Troy, I have a feeling he’s just one of those guys who leave negative comments about Epik at WannaDevelop(or whatever the name of that site is) for over a year now, just because Epik is their competitor. If you have something to show to prove your point, please do so, otherwise keep it to yourself dude.

  • Jake July 19, 2011, 8:59 pm

    @Morgan, @Troy: The site Epik highlights on their home page seems to be completely de-listed from Google, Harddrives.com. Maybe it’s things like that to which Troy refers A lot of people have seen a lot of unsupported claims by Epik and other bloggers who do PR for them, which is why your glowing review raises suspicion.

  • Troy July 19, 2011, 9:14 pm

    ” It’s easy to say stuff without knowing what you’re talking about.”

    Amen to that.

    “It can be a bit harder to back up statements with facts or knowledge”

    True as well.

    Fact is I’ve had 5 Epik sites. I speak from experience. Two have been completed stripped from the Google results and the domains, which I paid over $1500, for are now worth half that to anyone that cares to do a little research due to being stripped.

    Other domains I have had Epik work on have been nightmares. Rob, the nicest guy on the internet, will promise the moon then… keep promising the moon, in my case never reaching the point where he actually provides what he promised.

    I am not spreading “venom” out of fun or habit. I am telling the truth. I rarely have bad experiences on the internet because I am so careful who I work with. In the case of Epik I made a mistake and was burned, but all the nice words in the world can’t change the fact regarding what happened with me, in my personal experience.

    And I know I am not the only one it has happened to.

  • PPC Ian July 20, 2011, 11:14 am

    Awesome post! Couldn’t agree more that this is a game changer. Epik is the company to watch and Rob, Luke, John, Cliff, and the entire team is amazing. They are up to some seriously impressive stuff and are going about it the “right way” with an eye on the long term.

    Also, I appreciate the mention in your comments as a “savvy business person” on Epik! Thank you. 🙂

    Yes indeed, I have had great results on Epik. Like Ken, I have utilized pure white hat SEO techniques. I have 55 sites on Epik with great, custom content on all of them. It cost me a lot of money and time to get all the great custom articles in place. However, it was totally worth it (as it always is)! These days, I’m earning some good money on my Epik sites and have blogged about Epik quite a bit on PPC Ian. I actually plan to blog about my earnings in a future post (within the next few weeks).

    To set realistic expectations, I’m making more money on my custom sites (including many of the ones you developed for me, Morgan, via Linton Investments). However, these sites where I’m earning the most money are typically in lead gen like verticals (financial services) and involved countless (in many cases 1000s) of hours of work, versus the product domains that I’m developing with Epik. I have not tried Epik’s lead gen product yet, but hope to in the future. I will say that the cash on cash yield that I’m obtaining on Epik is quite favorable (will be blogging about it soon). Exactly like you said, Morgan, Epik has brought scale that I would have never had otherwise (especially for product domains).

    In any event, all good stuff, and I’m sorry to hear about Troy’s experience. My experience has definitely been very different! I highly recommend giving Epik a try, especially now that they have the new registrar service.
    All the best,

  • Braden July 20, 2011, 1:53 pm

    I’ve developed thousands of sites on the Epik platform and have more in the queue. (Do I need to say more?) Not only do the sites generate leads, but I also get offers from end-users who have found the site after they’ve done searches for their key-terms. (My sites have a For Sale banner at the top).

    None of my sites have gotten banned.

  • Morgan July 20, 2011, 4:11 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experiences first-hand @Braden and @PPCIan!

  • RK July 20, 2011, 8:10 pm


    Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings there, I just saw your first comment and responded. And it didn’t look like “opinion” but rather one of those “kick your competition away by all means” kind of comments that’s why I replied to it.

    As for portals, sorry for your experience, but it had to be more than Epik built website for your domain to get kicked out from the SE, IMHO. If search engines would deindex sites just based on the nameservers, all of Epik’s portals would be kicked in the butt, but it didn’t happen. I can’t speak for anybody else, but none of my portals were hit. Yes, a lot of them got sandboxed but now they they are climbing back in rankings and produce a revenue.

    Anyway, I hope you got reimbursed one way or another.

  • Troy July 20, 2011, 8:56 pm

    My feelings wen’t hurt at all. If you are on the internet you are going to have disagreements I have disagreements with you RK as well as disagreements with Epik.

    I know that Epic got a domain of mine removed from the index. At least I know that after Epik “developed” a domain of mine it was removed from the Google results. I know that many other people claimed to have the same thing happen to them.

    I know that Rob was supposed to develop a directory ($1000) for me in trade for a handful of decent domains that I gave him. It was like pulling teeth with him but he was so nice I couldn’t get upset. He moved the completion date back multiple times and eventually got the simple directory done three months after he originally told me it would. It looked bad, had a clip art logo and was essentially non functional. Rob kept promising he was going to start filling the directory with paying customers (naturally with a profit split, which is fair) but he never did a single thing. Eventually I decided the entire process was a looser for me and I sold the domain at auction for $3200. The person that bought it immediately took down the epik site (it was that bad) and now it is just a blank page.

    I recognize that some people have had good experiences with Rob and Epik, I just can’t say I am one of them, I have had bad experiences first hand that have likely cost me at least $500-$700.

    I would love to see the nitty gritty from someone that is happy with their results. Show us the details, the sites, the pageviews and the profits. I just don’t think the numbers are as good as everyone is claiming.

    In the end look what Epik has.

    1. They have a process where they can mechanically crank out an infinate number of “sites” with the push of a button.
    2. They charge people $250 to “push” the button for a site.
    3. The customers write all the content
    4. The customers SEO the site
    5. Epik keeps 50% of the revenue (but all they do is push the button on their software and host the site)

    No matter how I look at it I can’t help but feel that Epik is the recipient off all the benefits and their customers are being duped into paying for fake development and giving up half of their profit.

    Even if you are making good money with your Epik site, know that you could have done that yourself for probably an hours worth of work and you wouldn’t have to split the income.

    Either way you are worse off.

  • RK July 20, 2011, 10:25 pm


    I hear you, sometimes it takes a WHILE for anything other than Product Portals( I think this the best product Epik has so far in terms of going live and performing.For me at least.) to go live, so I can’t argue with that. Maybe they are just way too busy launching a new stuff, or maybe the whole system is still immature.

    I never had Directories with them, but I have quite a few Product Portals. And this is where I disagree with you.

    1. Yes, they have a platform to create sites with the push of the button(which they upgrade all the time BTW). But,
    a. None of the sites have the same content(in terms of products they are selling)
    b. It’s still cheaper than to hire a designer + you don’t pay any hosting, which does cost you a lot in the long run.
    c. Your site comes with the monetization solution. What would you do if you would build the website yourself? Place some Adsense? Maybe Amazon affiliate program or CJ? Good luck with that!

    2. Yes, they charge people(like ay other business would), but
    a. You have an option to trade-in your domain(s) in exchange for the development
    b. They have quantity discounts

    3. The customer writes all the content. Yes. Wouldn’t you write it anyway if you decided to develop your name?

    4. Not really( for the Product Portals at least). I know I didn’t do anything. In fact, the latest version seems to be SEO’d very well: the traffic is raising every day.

    5. Yes. This could bother you, but even with them keeping 50% I still make more money than I ever would by parking my sites.

    I’m not sure who is claiming what numbers(as you’ve mentioned above), but I can offer a couple of examples of my own.

    1. One of my portals is Camowatch.com. As far as I know it’s #1 for it’s term in G and either #1 or #2 for the term “Camo Watches” + it ranked for a couple of long tail keywords. I believe that this site was launched right before some sites got deindexed (around 8 months or so ago). This site makes me $10 per week so far. For the last couple of weeks I’ve seen an increase in traffic, so hopefully the results will follow. Of course this is not millions, but it will make me $250 within a year for sure even if it won’t produce more money than it currently does.

    2. One of my newer portals is alphabet-stamps.net. Despite of the hyphen and .net extension it produces around $10 per week as well. So far most of the traffic comes from long tale keywords(it’s only a couple of months old), but when it will rank for the main keyword(which hyphenated names do as good as non-hyp. ones judging by my experience ), I’m sure I’ll see much more income.

    Sorry, can’t provide any snapshots, so you will have to believe me(or not).

    To be totally honest, it takes a lot of time, work, money and patience to reach any good results, but that’s how it is in any other business. So if you think that by paying $250 you will get a lucky ticket, you’re wrong.What you will get is the foundation. The rest is up to you. You can just sit and wait(sometimes portals even without any content do ok), or you can add content, which in many cases will help you to rank higher.

    One more thing. In my opinion patience is the key to success no matter who you’re developing with. So before drawing any conclusions wait a year or so at least. Life changes, Epik comes up with new solutions and tools quite often, so the fact that you didn’t make any money 6 months ago doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be making a decent income now and vice versa. Life and development are processes, so if you’re into quick buck, Epik is definitely not a solution for you.

    Hopefully this answers some of your questions. And if you have any other developer in mind who will charge you less and will bring you more income faster, then God bless!

    P.S. Despite of the fact that you’ve been postponed for so long I have to say(and hopefully you will agree with me) that Epik has an excellent customer service. All the guys who work there are true professionals(which is hard to find and this alone costs a lot, IMHO).


  • Lennard July 21, 2011, 3:45 pm

    I have only a few product portals and 2 leadgen portals.
    One of mine the one I actually had the highest hopes for has completely disappeared off the radar.
    batterygrip.com is deindexed from google and no where to be found even in bing or yahoo.

    I did not do any seo or backlink creation, did not supply any content I just let EPIK roll with it.
    I can´t even sell it anymore for a half decent price since no one wants a google banned site.
    I still have high hopes for my leadgen portal dwilawyer.org I´ll keep hoping!

  • Troy July 21, 2011, 4:04 pm

    “I still have high hopes for my leadgen portal dwilawyer.org I´ll keep hoping!”

    That is a valuable domain to put in the hands of a company that you believed initiated the banning of another of your domains from the SERP’s. Quite a gamble you are choosing to take.

    Why not build something yourself on it? Lead gen sites are easy, easy, easy. Now that keyword might not be the easiest to rank for, but building the site would not be hard. It is the SEO work that will be tough, but you can do it better than Epik, you have personal experience that tells you that. Why take the risk with such a great domain?

  • Troy July 21, 2011, 4:08 pm

    Ha! Another example of Epik’s “high work ethic”…

    The text they have on your DWILawyer.org is taken word for word from a free article posted at articlebase.com. You can find the article at:


    Yeah, I am sure that they are going to do a great job with that one=)

    At this point I think the worst thing you can do for your website’s reputation is to have a footer that says “Built By Epik.com”. It is like advertising that you site is low quality and built for clicks.

    When will people learn? If you wan’t something done right in this world you have to either pay a lot or do it yourself.

  • Louise July 23, 2011, 5:19 pm

    In the end, it’s what you make of it. Epik stores are a great platform, not that they got it right to make content indexable from the landing page of the store, as long as you put fresh, original content. My 16 stores have generated $221.89 this year so far total as they have gone online throughout the year, not from the beginning. When you consider I receive half, it almost pays the renewal fees of the domains. One of my sites got deindexed, too. But I substituted the dot net, so that site is earning $7.47 so far this month. That takes the sting off the de-indexing, but the dot com is worth more in the resell, and it’s de-indexed.

  • virtualbooks July 25, 2011, 1:20 am

    how could you possibly say ‘the most respected’ my four store sites that contained many original articles were still delisted by bing and yahoo, i even asked for no adsense in the hope of not being penalized …….. in the end i changed them back to parking and adjusted the sales price. Sorry but i will not spend another cent with or any of their companies. Once bitten twice shy, as the saying goes


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