Why Google Chrome is GREAT for Domain Flippers

This week has marked a proud moment in domaining history for domain developers – that's right, the annoucement of Google Chrome. For those unfamiliar with my domain flipping methodology I will explain this first so that this post makes sense. (If you are a regular reader feel free to skip to the next paragraph)

When I flip a domain I do not buy a domain and then sell it quickly. Instead, a flip for me is the process of buying a domain in a category I feel has good growth potential. Next I spend some time researching the market, understanding the top keywords using tools like Wordtracker, and finally – creating a gameplan for what I think would be most effective on the given domain. Then I develop a high-quality website with interactive features that keep users coming back. By writing high-quality, keyword-rich content I create websites that rank well in search engines like…Google.

So how does Google Chrome help domain flippers/developers. Easy – all of those domainers that have been getting hits through typo's will now lose their traffic as the typo's now become search terms plugged-into the Google search engine. Google then determines it was a typo and suggests what the user was actually looking for. What does this mean? More hits for legitimately developed websites. 

This means that flipped/developed domains will now get significantly more traffic as ranking well in a search engine will become far more valuable than having a typo similar to a popular keyword. At the end of the day this is also a better service to the end-user who can actually find what they are looking for rather than the typical parking page found on typo domains. 

So domain flippers, developers, investors of the world rejoice! Let's face it – Google is the undisputed king of the Internet and when the king makes a browser the masses will use it. This will represent a change that over time will help make domain development the new wave of domain name investing. Happy Flipping!

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  • MD September 7, 2008, 6:25 am

    I agree, the developed domains will have all to win in this. But I’m a bit skeptic though if G Chrome will be able to beat Firefox and IE..

  • J.R. Jackson (a.k.a. MLM's $8-Million Man) September 7, 2008, 12:07 pm

    I agree that Google’s new browser will dominate.
    One quick question for you. I love this Wordpress theme. Do you mind me asking where you go it?

  • Ross September 8, 2008, 7:02 am

    I agree that it is a great thing but it has to compete with FF and IE. Which in all reality owns the market. Yes chrome did pull 1% on the first day but that was mainly people just checking it out.
    For this to actually make an impact it must take a large portion of the market then you will see a huge difference. Plus google may be king but to be frank they rule our industry, not the internet.

  • Ehsan September 11, 2008, 1:54 pm

    That is if it picks up ! which i dont think it will , i dont have high hopes for Google Chrome but i think if Firefox or IE goes with something like this it might work, to be honest Google Chrome is nothing to get excited about what chrome wants to do Firefox can do better and a the thing which it doesn’t have are coming soon ! in the newer firefox version


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