You can now register a .BLOG domain name…but some cost $139,999/year to renew

The .BLOG domain name extension went live today which means that anyone can now register a .BLOG domain name at $23.99 up to, well, a whole lot higher. I took at look at and saw that it’s selling for $6,999 but then, here’s the kicker, after spending around $7,000 I then have to pay $6,999 a year, every year going forward. Ouch.


Sorry but this seems a bit crazy to me. Yes, there are other new domain extensions that sell a name like morgan.something for close to $700 with a renewal of $700/year (which also seems a bit high) but is definitely a new high.


As I looked at some more .BLOG names I found a bunch priced at $13,999, like which seemed high…until I stumbled on which is listed for $139,999 with a renewal cost of, you guessed it, $139,999. Given how many amazing one-word .COM domains you can buy for $139,999, and knowing that those stellar names cost less than $10 to renew every year this math just doesn’t make sense.


Just in case it’s too small to see, here’s a close up of that pricing:


To be fair, there are plenty of .BLOG domain names available at the lowest registration price of $23.99, but the pricing on their premium domains is intense to say the least. What do you think? Has .BLOG figured out something the other new domain extensions haven’t, or is this going to be a pricing fail?

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  • John November 22, 2016, 1:24 am

    My guess would be that is nothing more than psychological marketing. Put those kinds of prices on them and people are led to think they must be worth it. And then hopefully enough will spring for it. But I suspect the likely result is (yup, you guessed it) “pricing fail.”

    Personally, I don’t even like the $23.99 and up, let alone the premiums.

    And with a show of hands, who envisioned all this lovely money grabbing for the release of new TLDs? This lawyer friend of mine was declared that domains were worthless because they were infinitely expandable this way years ago, but he didn’t factor in this. Great for .com, .net and .org though.

  • Eric November 22, 2016, 2:11 am

    Yes the prices are farcical and a joke to me and many others. To the peeps at Automatic it’s a sound and well thought out Business and Financial strategy. Time will tell.

    In their defense. Is there any difference between these prices and the many domainers who think their word jumble Two Word .Com is worth 5 or 6 figures or that the sale of their bucket of Chinese CHiP and Dip is going to allow them to retire at 30?

    The outrageous farcical multiples of true worth to asking price are the same. Just go look on Sedo, Flippa or Go daddy and look at the thousands of names with telephone number sized asking prices.

    The domain industry is built on and feeds on an endless supply of new shmucks entering the industry that will buy worthless domains and hope they will be able to sell them for 6 figures. They are constantly being encouraged to keep the dream alive by the sprinkling of WOW sales that are peppered in domaining blogs.

    We should not complain about the pricing of .Blog and other new Gtlds when we condone, justify, encourage and covert the same misplaced logic in setting prices for our own names.
    Want to help the industry, end users and your bank balance go reduce your current unrealistic price expectations by 80%. Are that’s right you won’t your domain name is very valuable and worth 6 figures.

  • DonnyM November 22, 2016, 9:20 am

    The term blog is old. Would it not be more easy just to go buy whatever.
    Look at frager factor blogsplot that does pretty well. All about creating content and not the name with blogs, very different than selling a product.

    These extensions are done. You can start off with a .io if your in tech, or .co for anything else but you will have to pay up for a .com at some point. Companies just look cheap when they use something other than a .com.


  • Joe November 22, 2016, 8:28 pm

    This new extensions is an unstoppable madness to a new bubble if we realize each recorder have a registration price or else be premium and you must buy with an impossible renewal.

    You same Morgan in previous post of a beginning write of the same subject, I also make comments here and in other post that it is insurmountable what they ask registrars like Godaddy to say one of them, Uniregistry also is in this problem of here the declarations realized by Rick Schwartz in The Domains or the creed between two sides for and against the last TRAFFIC event.

    The expectations were others but never can be launched to the market of the domain msas of 1000 extensions and the ones that are missing to reach now is “blog” we all agree that.Com is the maximum to buy and sell, among other TLDs who has saved from The burn being “xyz” other possible “club” although it has lost bellows

    I myself have, insurer, hiphop, (The latter may still be viable for a brand of hiphop merchandising) and, social, (Current online business partners with banks for trade and social consumer loans) XyzNevada .xyz and club and and club,,,,, these last 4 buy for premium $ 150 each and not give me more than $ 50 at the end put ads at least get the month $ 200 for each of them and then to see if they stop expiring at the end of a 30-day auction if we have to give them to collaborate with other businesses with trademarks we can still be lucky, but in the end, all are fads that at the time Being in oblivion

    • Walter Dinjos November 23, 2016, 6:15 pm

      What are you talking about? Your comment doesn’t make sense. I tried reading it, but it makes my head hurt.


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