You might not be as good at Excel as you think

Microsoft Excel, since the dawn of computer times it has been the undisputed champion of spreadsheets. It still amazes me that there has been no competitor to unseat Microsoft in a piece of software that at its core is less complex than your average PC game, but it’s still the king. Here’s the rub, while you might think you’re an Excel guru, you might not be the spreadsheet wizard you think you are.

If you’ve spent years using Excel and think you’re a spreadsheet genius, watch this video and you might find-out that you still have a lot to learn.

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  • Eric Lyon September 8, 2016, 10:04 am

    I use spreadsheets daily for light duty stuff and maybe a couple times a month for more heavy duty tasks. There were a few things in that video that I was not aware of at all, but then I’m no pro at spreadsheets and still consider myself a novice (Especially after watching that video). :p

  • steve brady September 8, 2016, 11:23 am

    Thank you for the reminder Morgan. I bought Excel and need to activate it before it becomes last years model. In March I purchased Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 from Costco while I waited for Hp to ship a laptop. In fact it was a Costco Hp laptop. Good thing too because Windows10 Home petered out when I closed the lid. Under Costco’s 90-day computer refund policy, I ordered a 2nd Costco Hp with Windows7 Professional. The penalty for going with Win7 instead of Win10 in slightly downgraded audio and graphics, but this is an IBM compatible (international business machine).

    If you buy a new PC and new OFFICE software it’s a good idea to make sure the PC isn’t going back before using the installation product key. If the new machine locks up and it’s returned with hundred of dollars of software and data stored on it, it could be a real hassle on the telephone getting a second set of keys for a duplicate activation.


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