Zee.Aero Might Just Be Quietly Changing The World And Yes They’re Branding With .AERO

Zee.Aero might just been the coolest company you’ve never heard of. Located insanely close to Google X (although apparently not associated with the big G) the startup is looking at disrupting the aviation world…and possibly the automobile world in a whole new way.


While the company claims to be creating a new aircraft (and they indeed are) the purpose of this aircraft is the be used in the same way we currently use cars. Sounds impossible? Talk to Elon Musk and he’ll tell you that absolutely anything is possible.

So what does a flying car look like? Here’s the actual diagram provided to the US patent office by Zee.Aero.


First let me say that I think this is damn cool. I love to hear about awesome tech companies approaching big juicy problems like this. Yes, Uber and Lyft are both awesome and have changed my own and many others lives, however this is an even bigger move, just a longer game.

What I also think is pretty interesting is that the company has decided to brand around the .AERO TLD, which to be perfectly honest I didn’t even realize existed yet. Seriously, never heard of it. I’m sure someone who knows more about .AERO than me can share a bit about this TLD in the comment section.

I also think it’s interesting that I’ve found this particular name incredibly easy to remember. Zee.Aero does sound completely different from Zee.com, but to be honest I think Zee.Aero sounds like a way more badass aviation startup than Zee.com or ZeeAero.com.

What do you think? As always I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

(Photo courtesy U.S. Patent Office)

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  • Logan January 2, 2014, 9:47 pm


    I’ve just returned from a Christmas/NYE in Prague via Frankfurt and Toronto and can say that I was surprised to see at least three different companies advertising in the three airports using the .aero extension. I had never seen this before in the USA. Wish now I had taken pics of the ads. Anyway, all three companies were in the airline or aerospace industries. I will say the ads seemed more B2B than B2C so, .aero is being used by the right end-users within the right industry.


  • Cate January 3, 2014, 8:15 am

    Love It! The car, the name, the TLD 🙂 definitely a great “badass aviation startup” name! Look forward to flying one of these in my lifetime!


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