Flippa Friday: Message.com, MuscleCars.info, Programmable.net and More

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! There are some truly exceptional domains on Flippa this week and a flurry of bidding activity. Below are my top domain picks from Flippa for this week including one of my own listings!

Message.com – I think it goes without saying that Message.com is an absolutely stellar domain and it’s this quality of name we’re seeing more and more on Flippa.

MuscleCars.info – a great domain for anyone who loves muscle cars, over 70,000 monthly searches and a CPC of $0.92. Low reserve and ending this weekend.

Programmable.net – sure, I’m not crazy about .NET domains but there are some keywords that I think make sense in it. This is one of them and with more and more programmable devices coming to market I can see this being a nice long play.

Salsa.com – another great domain that really needs no explanation, already at $25,000 with 8 bids.

RealEstateForeclosures.com – solid real estate domain, already at $8,000 with 6 bids and there are still 12 days to go. Lots of lead generation potential with this name.

WeddingBlogs.com – when we were getting into wedding-mode I did read my fair share of wedding blogs. This would be an awesome domain for aggregating wedding blogs or just forwarding to an existing one.


Morgan Linton was born in Berkeley, California but spent nine years traveling the world as an early employee for digital music startup Sonos. In 2007 Morgan founded Linton Investments, a domain name and branding company that has helped some of the most recognized startups in the world acquire their top choice domain name. In 2012 Morgan left his full-time job to co-found Fashion Metric, a startup building technologies that make it easy for online shoppers to buy clothes that fit and arming retailers with more data than ever before.

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  • Bob March 7, 2014, 3:35 pm

    I’m trying to sell DVFX.com on there this weekend.

    I think the FX is commonly used in the Forex/Foreign Exchange community and VFX is an acronym in the Visual Effects industry.

    Very brandable combination of letters and has been registered since 1998. Hoping it finds a good home!

  • Shawn Hartman March 8, 2014, 6:09 am

    I have 40+ domains for sale. On the ‘site’ I have, look under the domains for sale tab.

    Hope to hear from you.


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