As a domain name investor I’m a fan of .IO…but not a fan of LLL .IO domains


First things first, as a domain investor my focus is .COM, period. I don’t see that changing anytime soon and two-word .COMs are where I put most of my investment dollars. Next to .COM the only other extension that I’ve put some love into is .IO, and when it comes to .IO I’m laser focused on one-word .IO domains.

Typically I like to find a .IO domain that would sell for six or seven figures in .COM. That being said, I did some experimenting with LLL .IO domains and I decided years ago stop given the poor performance I saw with them.

When it comes to .IO domains I have a pretty simply heuristic to evaluate investments, how many offers per month does a domain get. Some of my one-word .IO domains get 3 – 4 offers a month and that’s typically what I’m looking for. Sure I’d love to get 30 – 40 offers a month, and if they were the same word but in .COM they probably would get it, but you pay a lot less for .IO domains and get a lot less offers.

When I experimented with LLL .IO domains I found that I would get typically between 0 – 1 offers per month and in general I found that they were much harder to move than one-word .IO domains. I spoke to another .IO investor who said he saw similar results. So I decided to stop investing in LLL .IO domains and stick to meaningful one-word .IO names.

All this being said, like I said above, .COM is my focus and I don’t see that changing. Still, I continue to buy .IO domains and I will keep buying, but my days of buying LLL .IO’s are over. This post was inspired after seeing a new thread on NamePros about LLL .IO names so I thought I’d share my two cents.

That’s my opinion, but I want to hear from you. Are you investing in LLL .IO’s or staying away? I want to hear from you – comment and let your voice be heard!

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  • Jose April 25, 2018, 11:55 pm

    Today do not comment on your post since the previous post of your blog my comment neither moderate nor publish.

    All the other domainer that I publish the comments that I write with details do not moderate because what I write is the truth of what happens in the market domains and other situations themselves.

    All a little bit I be the one among the other subscribers to support that you continue to be the same as you have always done since 2007 in your blog

    I feel very hurt.

    Nor to thank you @ joeblues, Joe or Jose, to my twitter of congratulations Morgan in the day his 37 years of age.

    With all due respect to his person he likes the Welcome to the future with the eSports video games that is more for children and young people than for adults at his age or also you are in this business of which the nearest future will be the videos games of any category and subcategory who will send you as an automaton.

  • K.J.Haroon Basha April 25, 2018, 11:57 pm has no takers and hence no future. It is better we choose single dictionary words in .io from an investment point of view.

    • Bob April 26, 2018, 1:23 am

      Agree! I am very much the same with Morgan by sticking to meaning one-word .IO names only & I do have quite a few of these such as,, & all for sale at Sedo.

  • Premium Domains - Alan April 26, 2018, 4:41 am

    Hi Morgan, I’m in the same boat. Invested in a few premium one word .io but get very little offers. Where are you listing them? Have you actively tried selling them on flippa or similar? Cheers, Alan

  • Edward Zeiden April 26, 2018, 3:33 pm

    Thanks for the shout out, Morgan! I still have a bunch of single word .io domains and I agree with your statement. The quantity and quality of the offers isn’t as great as .com or even .co, but they’re usually easier to secure, especially via Startups seem to love them, and that includes a small growing trend of crypto startups. Investors just have to be extremely calculated in these investments since a .io is about 4 times the price of a .com renewal.

  • JOHN COLASCIONE May 2, 2018, 11:56 pm

    One of my best transactions as of late was an domain which made Sedos weekly sales list. I was very surprised and purchased four more.

  • Dimitar Bonin November 23, 2018, 9:55 am

    Hi Morgan,
    thank you for the great reading … actually this post saved me today about $ 100 🙂 Most of the time I stick to two word .com domains, but lately I had a few lyric deviations to .net and single word domain in .io.

    Why did you save me $ 100?

    A little less than a month ago I bought workwear dot io and after a short time I received a request for the domain ( is not sold yet ) so I decided to look for other .io domains, I was thinking about LLL, but after reading your post and digging here and there I will soon give up on this purchase.


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