.CLUB’s first-ever China Auction is in full swing

.CLUB Premium Domain Auction

The .CLUB registry is holding their first domain name auction in China thanks to a partnership with EachNIC. The auction is in full swing now with some of the first auctions ending in less than seven hour from the time this post was published.

The auction includes domain names like C.club, JC.club, JS.club and many more.

As you all know I’m big on transparency so I’ll let you know that I myself will probably be bidding in the auction, but I do treat names like this as a calculated risk. Short .COMs have a proven track record, nobody knows whether two and three character new gTLDs will be worth anything in the future. Still I’m putting about 10% of my domain investments into new gTLDs knowing I could very likely lose every penny I put into it.

That being said, the early Domainers took a huge risk in the 90’s and I do think investing is about taking some small, calculated risks. From where I sit I see an ocean of new gTLDs and .CLUB is one that is without a doubt a clear front-runner, so when I take a risk, this is somewhere I feel like I can at least call it a “calculated” risk.

It’s not secret that two and three character domains are hot and I definitely don’t have the budget to buy these in their .COM form so this is somewhere I’m willing to experiment. Just know, when you buy any new gTLD you can’t really call it an investment, .COMs are investments, new gTLDs are experiments, but I like experimenting and I think .CLUB has some very interesting names in this auction.

So happy bidding if you’re bidding, but don’t feel bad if you’re sitting on the sidelines, some people just want to invest and I have all the respect in the world for that. The worst thing we can do as an industry is trick new investors into thinking they’ll make a fortune buying new gTLDs, it’s still far too early to know that, but it’s not too early for people like me (and maybe you) to experiment.

You can view more information about the .CLUB auction at – www.nic.club/auction and you can bid at www.eachnic.com. Also I think it’s important to note that this auction is bi-lingual so if english is your native language it is easy to setup an account and bid.

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  • Joe October 31, 2015, 9:51 pm

    The experience I have in the new extensions is interesting that a large investor as Konstantinos Zournas say it had invested $ 50,000 for something if you’re lucky will be a great move as it was once in early. Com for $ 16,000 buy Rick porn.com and over the years amassed a fortune selling last year by almost $ 9 million.

    For .club is a premium extension in almost all domain names or better decho what should be on everyone because in Uniregistry.com says so in its price list as more new extensions.

    But when you go to buy the keyword is not .club Premium Domain and Domain Premium Goddady is the same keyword .. club, or vice versa for that Uniregistry.com a keyword. Premium domain club is priced $ 1500 (Its renewal will be $ 1500) and the same in .com Goddady be priced at $ 5000 and will see the renewal of $ 50.

    This huge price war is bad for a market and industry is uncertain to buy and sell. deficil not sell what is more duficil is to buy at these prices.
    I remember a Post yours to write this as I’m buying one $ 50,000 if I have to return to renew the same as paying.

    Where there is a concert where the two groups invited play the same music composition and lyrics is not good because two can never be equal provided they are not twins born naturally.

    The problem with these new extensions regularly is not knowing what the relevant agencies have done wrong from the start launching more than 100 new extensions and those that are not yet, the market and the industry is .Com but the die is cast for purchased for $ 29 and sell new extension for $ 99 is the same system used to. Com

    Unable to send email as promised by subject in Switzerland since being sick several days I recovered, I send after talking to my lawyer Patent and Trademark in Spain.


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