Flippa Friday – SamuraiSalesVideos.com Sell for $32,000

Hello and welcome to another Flippa Friday. Okay, I know what you’re going to say, “Hey Morgan, it’s Saturday!” I know, I’m a day late but yesterday was a particularly busy day so I didn’t get a chance to get this post out. So I’m still excited to bring you Flippa Friday, on Saturday!

Yesterday SamuraiSalesVideos.com, a domain name that was registered in January of this year sold for $32,000! That’s right, a domain registered less than 6-months ago that would have been impossible to sell as the domain itself has sold for $32,000 after the owner built a business on the name.

flippa_saleThe people who bought this name turned it into a real online business generating $4,500 in profit in a short period of time. What I really like about this sale is that they aren’t doing it themselves, they’ve built a business and have an outsourced team that runs the business. There were a total of 17 bids placed on this auction and 13 total bidders.

I think this really exemplifies that you can use a domain name as a starting-point for a business and then, if you can build-up some serious traffic and revenue, that business can be sold and you can start the process all over again. While most people wouldn’t dream of selling a site that makes $4,500/month for only $32,000 the guy who sold this has had a lot of success on Flippa and is much more into building businesses and Flipping them for a quick profit.

Along with this sale below are a few of the other notable sales on Flippa this week:

I hope you are all having a great start to your weekend. We are heading up to Santa Barbara for the weekend for some wine tasting and R&R in an awesome B&B nestled in beautiful Santa Barbara wine country!

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  • Domain Michael May 14, 2011, 12:35 pm

    hmm, makes me wander who pays for these sites. Why would anyone pay 32k for that site? the site itself is 1 page sales page, they don’t even come up on google’s first page for terms “sales video” or “sales videos”, why would you pay 32k for this? team? anyone can build a team or oursource, post it on elance.

    I think I should post a couple of my sites and see how they do on flippa, I want to sale XperiaForum.com ( Sony smartphone Xperia forum) and mine is on first page of google, but I’m not much of a forum’s guy, so it’s not making much. Do you think it’ll sell ?

  • Dan May 15, 2011, 4:09 am

    Hi Morgan,

    Pretty good… as according to the sales price of his product, the site has to make less than 10 sales a month…to make the $4,500 a month.

    But with a sales price of the product at $500 per sale… I would have to say he is getting a lot of traffic from somewhere.., just to ‘convert’ 8-10 sales a month.

    Not sure, if he has any “upsell” or “back-end sales”.

    I would say… a very good sale by the owners…IMHO.

    Santa Barbara…should be really nice. Go on a “Horseback ride”.. if you get a chance. Years ago I did with my girlfriend and it was GREAT there!



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