Flippa Friday – two online businesses that caught my eye on Flippa this week

Years ago I had a regular weekly series called Flippa Friday where I’d share websites/online businesses that looked like good potential investments on Flippa. Fast-forward to today and Flippa has grown by leaps and bounds, and with this growth they’ve also added some really new features including a Due Diligence service that can help de-risk the process of buying an online business.

Below are two online businesses on Flippa that caught my eye this week. As with any investment it’s important to do your homework and if I were you, I’d use Flippa’s Due Diligence service just to really make sure you’re getting what you think you’re getting.

SugarBae.com Flippa Business

First up is SugarBae.com which is an active dating site with over 200,000 users generating around $25,000/mo. What I like about this site is users are on a recurring subscription model and while I haven’t been in the dating game myself for a long time, I think we all know that online dating has become the norm for most single people.

Two things I really like about this business is – first, the seller has an 100% positive feedback rating across 89 transactions totaling over $1.4M, and second, he’s selling the business at a 0.5x multiple which means you’d be profitable in less than a year. Why it’s selling for such a low multiple is a bit confusing to me but as a buyer, it seems like a great deal.

Home and Garden Site Flippa

The next business that caught my eye is a review site related to generators that’s been around for three years and is currently making ~$3,000/month. Like the site I just shared, the seller here has a stellar track record with an 100% feedback rating across 83 transactions. I think this de-risks things a lot since it’s unlikely this person decided not to scam 83 people and start with the 84th.

This also feels like a business that has room to grow so for someone with some experience scaling content businesses it seems like it could be a really good opportunity.

Okay, that’s it for this week, have a great weekend! 🙌

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  • DomainsGENERAL.com June 19, 2021, 6:27 pm

    I got interested by the Sugar Bae business after reading your article. I tried to register an account first, and was unable to do it because it systematically rejects the password I’m trying to set, with an error saying it must be at least 6 characters long (which it was). I tried everything, I didn’t manage to do it.

    After this, I searched for reviews, and it seems pretty bad. People report getting scam message (without it being clear if it is coming from people behind the website or exterior actors), but especially what seems to many as fake contacts and messages (to get you to pay), and an impossibility to stop debits and/or delete one’s accounts (most went directly to the card processor to have the payments stop, according to what they report).

    The revenue advertised compared to how famous that website seems to be (not much!), seems a little fishy. Is it possible the seller sold some businesses to himself to build reviews? (I would guess there is a fees problem, unless it’s worth the cost).

    Anyway, I didn’t spend too much time on it, but it doesn’t really look good, at least at first. This could explain the seemingly “low price” compared to announced numbers.

  • DomainsGENERAL.com June 19, 2021, 6:29 pm

    Forgot to subscribe to notifications for new comments. Now done.


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