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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. Each week we handpick five domains from Flippa’s massive inventory. Today features a bit of a departure from past weeks as a two-word .COM and .IO name made the list this week. In general we are still the most bullish on one-word .COMs but there were some other great choices this week that we feel deserve to make the cut. – this is not a buy and flip kind of domain, but it is a great one for someone with some dev and affiliate marketing chops. Easy to spell, easy to remember, and a huge market. – only 16 hours left in this auction, 18 year-old one word .COM, solid name. – one of the best .IO names out there, currently at $6,850 – the reserve has been met so it’s going to sell. – 15 year-old 4L .COM, now vowels, and no v, these have been selling well over the last few months but some fear the market is softening so don’t expect to flip it for a fortune. – this has a low enough BIN that I’m guessing the reserve could be low enough to leave some wiggle room for a meaningful return. Still, like I said above, there are some concerns of the 4L .COM market softening, but we still like them!

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