Morgan’s Flippa Five: Brandable domains for startups –, and more

domains-for-startups – perfect for an audio/video or file compression service. With photos and video being shot for VR now file sizes are bigger than ever and more companies will be working hard to make those files smaller. – nice VR domain but it’s hard to know how high the reserve is given the $25k BIN price. I personally don’t think this name is worth $25,000 but if the reserve is under $5k I’d feel more comfortable with it. – I’m a big fan of the lean startup methodology and have been a mentor for Lean Startup Machine for years after going through it myself. This domain is very specific, but that could be perfect for a company or organization focused on lean startups. Currently at $1 with ten days to go, no reserve so this will sell to the highest bidder. – I can still remember making videos in Adobe Premier when I was in High School and searching around for the right sound effects for hours. If you run a startup focused on making and selling sound effects it doesn’t get much better than this domain. – a longer one-word .COM but still a nice meaningful word and if you make a sports drink or something related to “quenching” someone’s thirst this definitely hits home. Originally registered 17 years-ago so some nice age on this one as well.

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  • Insha August 16, 2016, 6:13 am


    I’m the owner of It has a lot of potential. Thanks for writing about it.

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