Morgan’s Flippa Five:,,

Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to my Flippa five. In case you missed the big news a few weeks ago, Flippa recently acquired Domain Holdings and predicted north of $70M in sales this year. This of course means that Flippa has some of the best domain inventory on the planet which makes my job even harder picking just five.

Still, just like I do every week, I’ve gone through Flippa’s domain listings and hand-picked five names that I think are worth taking a look at. Enjoy! – it’s hard to beat two-character .COMs. This one is 20-years old and could be used for just about anything. Two-character .COMs are pretty much always a good investment and regularly sell in the seven-figure range. – DUI and DWI lawyers are one of the most active in the online lead generation space. It’s an incredibly lucrative niche and this is one of the best of the best. – very solid one-word .COM. Broad enough to be used in just about any niche but I especially like it when applied to the gaming space. – while I personally don’t invest in numeric domains, my good friend Shane does and I can tell you he has done very well with numeric domains, especially short ones like this. I’m sure he could tell you more about the value of this particular combination of numbers but I know 4N .COMs are hard to come by these days. – I’m rarely a fan of three word .COMs and I’d only recommend buying this one if you plan to develop it yourself. That being said, if you own a mobile app development company this domain would definitely be nice to have, very easy to remember and probably gets some decent type-in traffic as well.

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