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Hello, happy Tuesday morning, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. I am experimenting with writing this post on different days so let me know how you like Tuesday compared to Friday? Now, onto the domains! – nice 15 year-old .COM, when I hear it I instantly think “Virtual Desk” which makes me think of a co-working space, which is a huge and growing market right now. – solid two-word .COM, there are a ton of live support services out there, this could be a great buy for any one of them. Oh and the fact that it was registered in the 90’s never hurts. – everything is going paperless. Honestly, every time I get a bill in the mail I immediately login to my account online and move to paperless. Save a tree, or ten! – while I usually don’t like domains with Dashes, this is one is about as good as it gets. That being said, this is a better name to buy and develop than buy and sell IMO. – sequential 4N .COM, I’m not sure how much the 0 hurts it but it’s one of the best 4N numerics that I’ve seen on Flippa. Hard to determine pricing here so I’d do your homework before bidding.

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