Weekend Musings

Hello, happy Saturday, and welcome to my weekend musings. This was a pretty incredible week and as usual there’s a lot going on inside my head.

  • AngelHack was more than an event, it was an experience. With two trips to the Silicon Valley in a three week time period and the chance to meet so many incredible people I can honestly say this has been a life changing experience. Hat’s off to Greg and all the fine people who run AngelHack, top notch from start to finish.
  • The Silicon Valley startup scene is quite different from the Los Angeles startup scene and the New York startup scene. While I am definitely not an expert in the startup scenes in any of these regions, I have been learning and observing through my own experiences. Silicon Valley has a strong focus on technology and there’s a certain buzz that you just can’t explain until you’re there. I absolutely love the startup scene in LA and New York as well, the last few weeks have been my first time experience Silicon Valley and the community first-hand.
  • Working with a great team is one of the most gratifying experiences on the planet. If you aren’t working with people you love working with, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing. We have been very fortunate to build an amazing, well-balance, and excited team at FashionMetric.
  • It’s official, July has been the highest revenue month for Linton Investments, and not a month too soon since we are celebrating our five year anniversary this month! The reason for this growth has been largely due to the incredible people that have joined the team or partnered with us over years. I feel very blessed here as well to have such a great team!
  • The #1 thing I’ve done strategically to increase my revenue this year has been to do less so I can have more focus. If you’re trying to build hundreds of mini-sites and compound this revenue together to make a small fortune, know you are going down an impossible road. Find things that you love, build brands in those spaces and know that building a business takes time. Also know that development and monetization are much more in the world of website development, SEO, and affiliate marketing than Domaining. By this I mean that you might find there is a lot that is relevant to you at a web development or affiliate marketing conference.
  • A couple of weeks ago I discussed writing the third edition of my Domain Flipping book, I’ve decided to put this on hold as some higher priority opportunities will be taking much more of my focus. I will be creating some great free resources about Domain Flipping on my blog so anyone who did want to read about this topic will still get some excellent free articles to help you get started.
Okay, with that it’s time to head to Hollywood, Daina is a big fan of Grease and we’ll be going to see Grease at the Hollywood Bowl. I hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying some downtime!


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