See You At TRAFFIC 2012!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

As you all know my schedule is pretty busy and unfortunately last year I didn’t get a chance to make it to TRAFFIC. This year, I also didn’t know my schedule until this weekend, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be there. I went to my first TRAFFIC in Las Vegas and then attended in Vancouver and Ireland, this will be my first time going in Florida which is the classic setting for the show.

Only a couple of years ago there were domain conferences every month, in 2012 there are three domain conferences total, two in the US (TRAFFIC and DOMAINfest) and one in Spain (Domaining Europe). I think all three of these are awesome conferences, unfortunately I missed Domaining Europe this year but I heard amazing things about it and will absolutely be attending next year.

I like these all these conferences for the same reason, the people. We have a small industry and conferences give us all a chance to spend time together. It is these networking opportunities where some of the best business deals get done, and incredible new relationships formed. If you haven’t been to a Domaining Conference before you’ll also be happy to know that Domainers definitely know how to party.

Like last year, TRAFFIC will be held at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale which based on what I heard was incredible. This is no surprise as Rick is famous for putting on top-notch shows. Whether you’re a new Domainer trying to learn the ins and outs of the industry or a veteran who hasn’t been to a show in years (or ever) I think this is one show you won’t want to miss. If you want to see a preview of what’s to come, check-out the video below from TRAFFIC South Beach 2010:

Oh, and for anyone wondering if this is a sponsored post, it’s not. I paid full price for my ticket and my blog is not sponsored by TRAFFIC in any way. 

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  • Todd July 16, 2012, 12:07 pm

    I will be there as well.
    See ya.

  • Morgan July 16, 2012, 5:18 pm

    Awesome, looking forward to meeting you @Todd!

  • Mike July 16, 2012, 9:02 pm

    When asked what happens at the shows everyone always retorts how so many business deals get done at these shows. Like what I always ask? Maybe some sales happen, but most people don’t just strike deals in an afternoon or two.

    If so many deals were done this industry would be moving and shaking but domainers know domain parking is still the same old morning sausage, with new side dishes that come and go from time to time, like TrafficClub, Bido, AEIOU, etc….. but rarely are exciting or shake up anything.

    Shows are just for having fun, IMO. 🙂

  • Morgan July 17, 2012, 2:10 am

    @Mike at the end of the day it really is all about having fun. Business is all about relationships and if you can’t get together in person it’s hard to really develop the same kind of relationship.


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