Weekend Musings – Free Beer On Me For Blog Commentators!


Photo From Our Hike In The Palisades This Afternoon

Wow – what a weekend it has been! Last check out MeetUp group had hit 109 RSVP’s and DOMAINfest 2012 is only a day away! This has been a busy weekend with lots of work getting ready for an action-packed week so I’m really going to keep this short and sweet this time!

  • It’s awesome to see all my Domaining buddies come in from all of the world, while this has definitely not contributed to helping me get a ton of sleep, it is great to connect-up with everyone before the show.
  • There’s a buzz in the air. 2012 just feels different, people seem more excited than ever, something tells me DOMAINfest is going to kick-off one kick-ass year in Domaining!
  • The weather in LA is amazing right now! I went for a great hike today with a few friends from out of town this afternoon, both of them live in places where it’s snowing. If you like summer, come to LA, we really d have summer all year round and it couldn’t be better for this week!
  • I can’t wait to see how the DOMAINfest auction goes, last year was tough for live auctions and I’m really hoping that this year we see a nice trend reversal. As I said in my post from yesterday, it all comes down to pricing the domains the right.
  • Domain Development is In! That’s right, I’ve been saying it since 2007 when everyone teased me for not parking…but really, it’s finally in now! If you take a look at the agenda for DOMAINfest you’ll see some really strong talks about Domain Development from SEO to Site Tuning!
  • If you want to survive the lack of sleep and shaking a million hands without getting sick I highly recommend Emergenc. If you haven’t heard of Emergenc it is this very cool packets of fizzy goodness that pump your body full of vitamins. I use this on all my trips around the world and have found it great to staying healthy and, er, recovering from a intense night on the town…of which there are three coming-up at DOMAINfest!
  • Time to get back to work – lots of exciting things going on next week and I have to get ready for some great meetings and the beginning of some exciting new partnerships for the year. More to come but I can’t ruin all the surprises now!

Oh, and now to address the little “Free Beer On Me :)” piece in the title. If you read my blog and have commented before, and you’re coming to DOMAINfest, come find me and I’ll buy you a beer. Every single person that has shared their opinion on my blog absolutely deserves a beer, right? So come find me, I’ll be…everywhere, or trying to be!

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  • Domains January 29, 2012, 7:50 pm

    I would comment more often on your blog but I don’t like the new comment form.  Have you seen a big decrease in comments here?  You should either do a captcha code, or moderate your comments.

  • Iain Taylor January 29, 2012, 11:36 pm

    Hi Morgan – gutted I’m missing the show. I’ve put it in my diary for next year though. See you in Valencia in April. Hi to all who know me and look forward to meeting some new faces during 2012. Have a great week. Iain.

  • Nadia January 30, 2012, 4:22 am

    Thanks for the generous offer – that’s a lot of beers to buy, considering the number of RSVPs!

    Technically, you owe me a bottle of wine for winning a CPC contest on your show way back when. Lord knows I don’t need to be drinking an entire bottle of wine, so you can buy me a Coke instead. I’m ridiculously excited about the next 4 days and especially tonight…see you soon!

  • Attila Steven C February 5, 2012, 11:09 pm

    It was great seeing you Morgan and nice to finally meet your fiance. Next time will stay LA a bit longer and we can hang out more! Thanks for the shirts and best of luck to Appraiso!

  • jobs india June 7, 2012, 1:59 am

    Hi to all who know me and look forward to meeting some new faces during 2012. Have a great week. Iain.


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