Weekend Musings: Never A Dull Moment!

Weekend MusingsI hope that you all had a great week and are enjoying some downtime this weekend. We had a great morning walk followed by an amazing breakfast and I couldn’t be more excited about today! Today our incredibly talented PHP Developer (and CTO of Appraiso) is coming to LA for an all-day team work session. We are putting the finishing touches on our website appraisal system which will be out next month! It’s taken over a year to put-together and it has been damn fun, today is a pretty exciting day for us as a team so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet!

  • I bought two .COM domains from the 90’s toward the end of December that have already seen some nice offers. This year I’ve really become an unmotivated seller which has been a goal of mine for sometime. I’d be happy if I sold one tenth the amount of names I did last year, but for a lot more money. I turned down a low-five figure offer which is something I honestly thought I’d never do! I think Rick Schwartz really hits it home in his interview with Domain Sherpa, it’s much more exciting to sell a domain to someone that sees the value and will really use it to its full potential. While I don’t think any of my .nets or .orgs really fall-into this category, a good one or two-word .COM can be the platform for a world-class brand!
  • I’m trying-out a new press release service that looks really promising. Press releases are a great way to get good, organic backlinks, the challenge is writing a good press release. The new service I am using actually conducts a short interview with you and then puts together the press release and sends it out to reporters all over the world. Since I haven’t used this service before I’m going to wait to recommend it until I know for sure that it is as good as it seems – more to come!
  • DOMAINfest is right around the corner! I can’t wait to see everyone in Santa Monica and couldn’t be more excited about the conference. If you haven’t signed-up yet it’s not too late and there are some amazing hotel options in the area if you want to save some dough.
  • I have two pretty exciting announcements planned for next week, if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll find-out before everyone else.
  • Our first Southern California Domainer MeetUp has 62 people that have RSVPed and we’re still over a week-away from the event. This looks like it is going to be our best MeetUp yet and a very exciting start to 2012!

Okay, that’s all for now! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and get ready for some exciting announcements next week. Have a great weekend and as always please feel free to share your own weekend musings in the comment section below.

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  • Scott January 22, 2012, 6:39 am

    Excited by the first part of your post.  Disappointed in the second. 

    My company designed a website evaluation program in the 90’s and I thought the idea was a good one then. In fact just a year ago I introduced announcemybusiness and announcemy website as to additional tools that while not totally related to your newest venture were aimed at helping domainers achieve a business objective.  Helping the industry players achieve their business goals helps us all in the end IMO

    Regarding your project I am am very pleased to hear such enthusiasm and positive action during what by all indications is a time of business slowdown for most.

    On the other point I came across a personal email exchange from jan 2011 where I posted a comment on a popular domain blogger which referenced a FREE press release service that our company has been offering for many years and how domainers could and should use that service to promote their names and or development projects.  I was chided and attacked for trying to use an industry blog to get business.  

    Of course the key word is FREE so any logical thinker could see that in fact I stood to gain nothing other than to help fello domainers grow and benefit from my own creation.

    Which leads me to my final point about the domain industry which is that we are all suffering lack of growth because of the lack of communication between the first generation of domainers who have multiple stories and experiences to share and second generation who think rightfully or wrongfully that they have a better way.

    In the instance above many news opportunities which could have greatly helped and bought much attention to our industry all because a domain blogger misinterpreted my intention to help the industry and in the process missed the opportunity to present a great free marketing concept marketing tool (press releases) to all dominers that you now think is potentially great. 

    I don’t think,  I know!  That is  because I have owned and been using pr on the net since the 90s in multiple businesses and in fact have written and published hundreds (yes hundreds) of press releases about domain names that I know have helped me and that I hope in the end has bought favorable press and education about domain names and their use and value to the masses. 

    Maybe a dominer mentor program is a viable option to unite those with a wealth of education and experience with those with energy and ideas?


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