Why sales like RiseUp.org for $75k are awesome…but not reflective of the market

One of the ways that many people get drawn into the domain industry is by stumbling on a domain sale, or a list of sales and thinking, “hey, I could register names like these.” Fast-forward to 2AM and they are sitting in front of their computer hand-registering names that to them look just like that domain name they saw sell for $10,000.

Then reality hits them hard when a year later renewals are coming up and they realize they haven’t sold a single one of those incredible, magical, amazing domain names that they bought that night. This is the point that most people throw in the towel and say, “domain names suck, everyone that made money bought domains in the 90s”

First off, this story above was almost me, except I’m one of those incredibly persistent people that takes every failure as a lesson, and one of my first lessons in the Domaining world was to be careful not to take individual sales as signs of a trend or to predict future value of another name.

Today is a great example, news broke that famous domain investor Mike Mann sold RiseUp.org for $75,000.


Quick note: Now before I go any further let me just make it clear that I’m not trying to slam Mike Mann or TNTNames. I’ve known Mike for years he’s an awesome guy and I always love reading about sales like this. TNTNames is another awesome blog about domains and if he didn’t get to it first I might have written a similar story…or one somewhat similar to this.

Okay, now back to my post.

A sale like this is exciting, buying anything for $350 and then selling it for $75,000 is, pardon my french, fucking fantastic. That being said, don’t mistake this for a trend and go out and buy 100 two-word .ORG names for $350 a pop thinking you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire.

What’s important to remember is that people like Mike have a lot of domains and a broad range of names. Mike didn’t make his millions on two-word .ORG names and you likely won’t either. So celebrate sales like these but be very careful how much you extrapolate from them.

Being a domain investor is a lot like being a detective, you really have to dig deep, do your research, and make sure that you can tell the different between a one-off sale, and a real trend. Congrats to Mike on the sale, that’s a great one and I think we’d all be very happy to ring the register there!

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  • Snoopy February 27, 2017, 10:04 pm

    I would guess this is the .net people upgrading to the .org. Seems to a be a fairly large organisation and they were definitely using the wrong extension. If you are a non profit using a .net (or anything else other than a .org or .com) you are just creating friction with your users.

    So this is not just some random .org sale in my view and I would say it is part of a trend, the trend of people being willing to pay significant amounts to move off the wrong extension.

    The name is very good regardless though, strong fit with .org and many similarly named organisations who have settled for weaker names instead of this over time. Most have have added a largely superfluous word at the front or back (and thus will forever have a domain problem) or gone for unusual extensions (again they’ll always have a domain problem).

    Congrats to Mike on the sale.

  • Rev February 27, 2017, 10:32 pm

    It took MM 12 years to sell that domain, that is a long time of holding, and waiting, and who knows how many offers he got, or didn’t get.

    Much has changed in 12 years online.

  • Juan Colome February 27, 2017, 10:33 pm

    What about Appsumo.com getting their long awaited deal and buying sumo.com for 1 million dollars ?

    Any thoughts on that ?


  • Julio Maysonet February 27, 2017, 10:38 pm

    What I like about the domain the most other than the $75K is that it fits the extension really nicely.

    Congrats to both buyer and seller.

  • Mark February 27, 2017, 11:04 pm

    Good advise Morgan, especially for beginners or someone thinking of venturing into domaining after reading news of a sale like this.

    Congrats to Mike but let’s admit much of what he’s been selling lately and the price he receives isn’t the norm by any means.

  • Joe February 27, 2017, 11:45 pm

    The most Fucked in Spanish is that you buy and invest in Godaddy a year ago four names of premium domain of three and four letters, of the new extensions for a total of $ 1,000 and even nowadays no one wants them nor the same investor that Sell this .org.

    I will not renew them surely I lose this not anything new, this great investor or your Morgan buys them and sells them for $ 75,000 each He has a name and yours, I do not have a name just a nickname this is the difference of this Market yours.
    Which is also mine but with light years.

    Although soon change and then my name will be different and strange for much of you. I wish it were not so.

    Thank you
    Morgan (I like the spoken French if we do it at the same rate of music with the fucking of my girl friends woman of years ago, although it is not the same now 4 March turn 64 years old and this shows the low rate.)

    • Snoopy February 27, 2017, 11:50 pm

      premium domain of three and four letters, of the new extensions for a total of $ 1,000 and even nowadays no one wants them nor the same investor that Sell this .org.

      I will not renew them surely I lose this not anything new, this great investor or your Morgan buys them and sells them for $ 75,000 each


      Absolute rubbish, only another fool will buy them. If you go around registering new tld names you are burning cash, especially those with high renewals.

      • joe February 28, 2017, 12:35 am

        @ Snoopy, Thanks for your reply comment.
        Please write the same to Mr. Frank Shilling as many domain names sell for more than $ 10,000 of the new extensions.

        I instead if I put for sale for $ 1,500 domain names premium .club and xyz and also .Com from my website http://www.josesabater.com that I am finishing and will be in a provisional way to sell all possible directly from this website, The payments through Escrow, and then use only for domain names etc., another domain name with .Com

        I do not have the name of Frank Shilling and with all due respect to buyers and investors like you.

  • Snoopy February 28, 2017, 5:47 am

    Please write the same to Mr. Frank Shilling as many domain names sell for more than $ 10,000 of the new extensions.


    Joe, he own 26 registries, each with about 20,000 reserved names?

    Very roughly that is a half a million “premium” names. According to Dnjournal Uniregistry reported 8 ntld sales over $10,000 in 2016, do the math. Those 5 figure sales are very rare, and I don’t think those names have premium renewals on top.

    Your lack of sales has nothing to do with your name or Frank Schilling’s name, it is to do with inventory, holding costs and basic maths. The registry prices these names for endusers, it sounds like you are paying $250 per name per year on that collection, that is already enduser pricing, you can’t expect someone to pay you even more for it, the chances are remote.

    • Joe February 28, 2017, 11:57 am

      @Snoopy I do not write from http://www.Uniregistry.com I have answered you from a key name as a private person and co-founder, CEO of a company, also this person is buyer, seller and investor of domain name premiums, and Defends domain names with new extensions and has sold as domainer more than 10 gtld domain names all of them over $ 10000 and this Mr. has a private name with two keywords: Frank Shilling, I also have my private name and two Keywords: Jose Sabater, Domainer and Investor domain names, buyer and seller, Keywords Psychology Strategy, SEM Advisor, Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, Researcher and Development and Innovation of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality. Etc ……………….. I hope that everything you write in your response to my reply to yourself, I should not give more than write for my part I hope That your question has been clarified.

  • Carl March 2, 2017, 12:52 am

    The riseup.org in itself a very attractive domain name. It might seems that it’s not much of good for profitable business as they are not traditional .com name but think again. Riseup.org, it could be used for starting a organisation to help needy or how about starting for a diabetic people to help them to start doing excerising. IMHO, this domain name can be used for thousands of ways i can think of.

  • matt holmes March 2, 2017, 4:51 pm

    Yep, that’s exactly how I got into domains a few years ago, had a few small sales that kept me going and only now do I finally buy from auction more than hand registered and look into them with some thought into detail.


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