Google Announces “Instant Search” at Press Event

Instant SearchToday Google announced their latest update to Google search that they think will revolutionize search and save us all a little time. You’ve probably seen the basics of instant search before – the idea is simple – predict what you’re searching for and save you the time typing. This will also inevitably drive long-tail searches towards the most popular keywords.

The most amazing thing about Google Instant Search is that now your search results are updated in real time! Yes – that’s right, as you’re typing your search results will update, showing you the first page of results. This now gives an even bigger advantage to sites on the Google’s first page and makes the second page now more like the 1,000th page!

Google believes that this feature will save searchers 2-5 seconds per search, depending on how many searches you do each day, this can be a big time-saver. For everyone nervous about SEO Google has made it clear that they are not changing site rankings…however with instant search I think it’s really all about being on the first page, more so than ever before.

You can read Google’s description of “Instant Search” here. You can see Google’s video introducing Google Instant Search below:

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  • Leonard Britt September 8, 2010, 12:13 pm

    Did you notice the change in Google images? They now appear as a collage sort of like Bing – far more images appear on the page and one merely scrolls down rather than advancing to subsequent pages. This gives more visibility to images which were previously on pages two to three of Google images for a particular phrase. I have a number of sites which get some traffic from Google images.

  • Michael Cromarty September 10, 2010, 12:15 pm

    Its great! It does instant calculations to! If you type “105cm to in” it gives you size in inches instantly rather than waiting after hitting search.


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