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Hello, happy Monday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five! I decided to do away with the huge banner at the top, don’t worry, something new is coming but for now we’ll keep it simple and focus on the names. Here are my five favorite domain names on Flippa this week: – originally registered back in 1997 and would go well with its brother, Solid name and with game console sales expected to spike with the growth of VR it could be a nice name to have a few years from now. Don’t expect this to be an immediate flip or an easy sale, you’ll likely have to play your best long-game with this one. – 15 year-old 4L .COM, I like these, especially when you can say them and people can easily remember and spell them. Domains like Not so much,, now that I can remember and spell. – this auctions ends in less than 24-hours so by the time you read this it might already have sold. Not a super premium 3L .COM but still a 3L .COM which I like. – a nice brandable 4L .COM, any end-user that buys it should know it comes with the annoying fact that some percentage of people who hear your name will end up at – this is one of those domains that I like, because it’s a one-word .COM, but I also don’t liked because it ends in “ed” and it represents a relatively small niche. Still, I absolutely love pickles and heck, it’s a 16 year-old one word .COM so I just can’t stay made at it 🙂

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