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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. There has been a hot debate going on this week about .WS domains and investor’s risk profile for non .COMs. As I’ve said many times, most of my investment dollars go into .COM and the vast majority of domains I recommend through this weekly post are .COM domains. Still I do think it you want to experiment with 5%-10% of your portfolio there’s not harm as long as you’re spending money you’re willing to lose.

Now onto today’s names! – 21 year-old 3L .COM, these had values years ago, have value today, and will continue to have value tomorrow. While the “U” in the middle is less idea (vowels can hurt value) it’s still a solid name and one with a clear path to liquidity now or in the future. – I like this name but don’t “love” it. Why? Well the real monster name hidden here is, that’s a name I love, once you make it past tense it’s a lot weaker but still a meaningful, generic, one-word .COM which are some of my favorites. – solid two-word .COM, 20 years old and lots of potential uses and end-user buyers. If you have some development chops this could be a fun one to build out yourself as well. My only concern is that when you search for this term on Google there are no ads which means there could be somewhat limited commercial viability since businesses aren’t interested in advertising around it. – I’m a sucker for short .COMs, and while L7 might not mean much to you, it could be used for a number of different purposes by an end-user since it’s incredibly easy to remember and simple to type in on a mobile device. – 17-year old two-word .COM but has the same problem as, no ads so not sure how much commercial interest there would be in this name. That being said, it describes a huge and growing category covering music, video, gaming, etc.

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